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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Conflicting consequences of climate change for Arctic nesting geese

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Climate change is the big wild card when it comes to the survival of many Arctic species. A new study shows that climate change will be both good and bad for Svalbard barnacle goose populations — although the balance may tip depending upon the severity of future temperature increases, and how other species react.

Why Canada Will Benefit From Climate Change

Why should Canada fight climate change? Finally, someone proclaimed an obvious truth that few dare to utter publicly. According to Moody’s Analytics, Canada will benefit from climate change. Although it will shock many, this forecast should surprise no one. Canada…

Hot Or Not? Media Ignore Critics Of ‘Hottest July’ Claims, Hype Climate Threat

“Hottest month in human history” has a certain ring to it. But some scientists say that ring isn’t true. The liberal media, always on the lookout for ways to demand action on climate change, latched on to a recent National…