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COP25 will review a scary year for climate change – Quartz

One year ago, the international scientific community could hardly have expected that Greta Thunberg, a teenager from Sweden, would become one of its greatest allies. Since beginning her weekly “School Strike for the Climate,” the petite 16-year-old has skillfully used…

Can a glut of fake horns save real rhinos?

Soon, anyone looking to buy a rhino horn on the black market will have a new problem on their hands. How to tell a real horn from a fake. In a bid to save the imperiled rhino, scientists have designed…

This ad will have you air drumming in no time

[embedded content] Before you even say, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!,” take a moment to watch this video. Yes, it’s a Christmas commercial. It’s also a big nod to the music of the ’80s, and it might just put a…

Village in India Plants 111 Trees Whenever a Girl is Born – Watch the New Video

Typically in Asian cultures, the birth of a girl is considered an unfortunate responsibility because of the dowry system that puts a financial burden on the parents. For this reason, daughters were never as celebrated as sons. But in one village in India, the residents honor the birth of a daughter with a unique ritual […]

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How to go waterless in your beauty routine

Your daily beauty routine is no doubt awash in water. From cleaning your face to shampooing your hair, the tap flows freely. You typically wet your skin and hair before applying products and then use water to rinse them off….

Inside one man's quest to grow and forage 100% of his food for an entire year

Rob Greenfield is a man on many missions. He has biked barefoot across the country on a bicycle made out of bamboo, he lived a year without showering to promote water conservation, and most recently, he has been putting down…

In these villages, the mail comes by babushka

[embedded content] The roads are long and often mountainous, but 83-year-old Ekaterina Dzalaeva-Otaraeva walks them several days a week. As the postwoman for the remote North Ossetian village of Tsey in Russia, she treks 25 to 30 miles round-trip on…