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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Humans halted ozone depletion. Now let’s end global warming. – News-Decoder

Humans were once on track to destroy Earth’s ozone shield. Collective action averted disaster. Global warming demands the same global cooperation. [embedded content] We’re all frustrated at the inability of governments to take necessary measures to tackle climate change. Drastic…

Biden claims his global warming policies aren’t to blame for price of gas skyrocketing – TheBlaze

President Joe Biden claimed that his policies meant to fight global warming weren’t the cause of skyrocketing price of gas at the pumps. Biden made these dubious claims during a speech at the White House on Tuesday where he announced…

Is Jennifer Granholm Even Qualified To Be Our Energy Secretary?

Bluntly put, Jennifer Granholm is unqualified to be Energy secretary. That is not a criticism of her accomplishments or intelligence. She’s a smart woman and a savvy politician who not only won the governor’s mansion in Michigan twice but also…

Watch These 5 Key Issues in 2022 to See if COP26 Climate Promises Are Kept – Scientific American

The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation, an online publication covering the latest research. How much the world achieved at the Glasgow climate talks – and what happens now – depends in large part on where you…

The Real Reasons COP26 Flopped

King coal is dead, long live king coal! That might be a fitting epitaph for COP26, which mercifully ended last Friday. It culminated with an agreement, which had not so much been watered down as to have virtually evaporated. Fossil…

Speed of Human-Caused Global Warming Over the Last 150 Years Has Increased at a Level Not Seen Since the Last Ice Age – Science Times

Researchers from the University of Arizona led in reconstructing Earth’s climate since the last ice age that highlights the main drivers of climate change and how human activities have increased the speed of global warming in the last 150 years….

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