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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Biden and Kerry Must Address the Climate Emergency

First, a sigh of relief: We elected a president who actually believes in government. Who’s made John Kerry, a serious diplomat, his climate czar — and put him on the National Security Council, recognizing, as our military has for years,…

More children and youth drowning as warming temperatures create unstable lake ice

As winters become milder and lake ice less stable, more children and young adults are falling through the ice and fatally drowning, say researchers. A new study, which looked at 4,000 drownings in 10 countries, including Canada, Russia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the United States, found warming winter air temperatures were a good predictor of the number of drownings.

New maps document big-game migrations across the western United States

For the first time, state and federal wildlife biologists have come together to map the migrations of ungulates across America’s West. The maps will help land managers and conservationists pinpoint actions necessary to keep migration routes open and functional to sustain healthy big-game populations.

Brazilian youth’s important role in fight against climate change – study

(University of Birmingham) Marginalised young people in Brazilian cities can play an important role in responding to the threat of climate change, but youth engagement needs to be both ‘playful’ and take youth ‘seriously’ to support them in expressing their full potential in bringing about local change according to a new study.

Biden’s Slow-Motion Plan To Destroy America’s Energy Industry

President Trump had several good moments in the final debate, as Andrea Widburg noted in her excellent curation here. In my own view, the standout moment came last, when Trump just drew out Joe Biden on energy, first on fracking, and then…

Dangerous Elites Planning ‘The Great Reset’ For A Post-COVID World

A lasting side-effect of Covid-19 is the universal growth of state power. Despite global death rates peaking last April and immunity building even without a vaccine, authoritarian leaders are clinging to their recently acquired powers. No doubt they view individual…

The Real ‘Climate Crisis’ Is At The World Economic Forum

No, I’m not talking about some make-believe super hurricane, tornado, heatwave, drought, or flood that alarmists talk about but which never happens. I’m talking about the World Economic Forum that met in June 2020. It appears that the most powerful…