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News about Climate Change and our Planet


NYS panel on global warming examines how we move – WBNG-TV

WBNG) — One of New York’s latest initiatives to fight climate change is taking a look at the transportation industry. The state’s Climate Action Council, compromised of various members of government and community leaders, met with a transportation advisory panel…

Legacy pollutants found in migratory terns in Great Lakes region

Chemicals that haven’t been manufactured in the U.S. for years or even decades are still turning up in the bodies of migratory terns in the Great Lakes region, a new study finds. The research focused on three types of compounds: PBDEs, PCBs, and the breakdown products, called metabolites, of DDT.

The GovLab launches collective intelligence to solve public problems

(NYU Tandon School of Engineering) A new report from The Governance Lab at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering examines global examples of how public institutions are using new technology to take advantage of the collective action and collective wisdom of people in their communities and around the world to address problems like climate change, loneliness and natural disaster response


Opinion | The alarming reality of global warming – The Breeze

The levels of greenhouse gas emissions are continuously and rapidly increasing, and with that increase comes dangerous and deadly consequences. The earth’s average temperature is expected to reach 1.5 degrees Celsius (34.7 degrees Fahrenheit) as soon as 2030, and with…


My Personal History With Global Warming – CleanTechnica

Air Quality Published on October 17th, 2020 | by Frank Semmens October 17th, 2020 by Frank Semmens  1964–1966 I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia from 1964–1966. Being an avid skier from the Adirondack Mountains in New York,…

Eco-Activists’ Well-Funded War On Pennsylvania’s Energy Industry

Summary: The Keystone State, an oil and natural gas powerhouse, is under siege by an alliance of well-organized, well-funded “green” activists. From cap-and-trade schemes meant to bleed ratepayers dry to fracking bans on one of Pennsylvania’s most vital industries, the…

Monkey study suggests that they, like humans, may have ‘self-domesticated’

Scientists determined that changing an infant monkey’s verbal development also changed a physical marker of domesticity: a patch of white fur on its forehead. This is the first study linking the degree of a social trait with the size of a physical sign of domestication, in any species.

Engineer aids NYS solar goals, helps energy and agriculture coexist

(Cornell University) Cornell University engineering professor Max Zhang has been awarded a NYSERDA grant to determine efficient solar farm array configurations so the state can avoid land-use conflicts or spoiling precious agricultural space.

BONKERS: NYT’s Krugman Says Charles Koch Wants Barrett To ‘Destroy The Planet’

New York Times economist Paul Krugman is at it again. He’s promoting a conspiracy theory that libertarian billionaire Charles Koch wants U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett to — wait for it — destroy the planet. Sounds like…