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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Climate Change Is Not Behind Australia’s Hailstorms

It was pretty inevitable that once the rain finally started to fall in South Eastern Australia, extinguishing some of the bushfires which have been raging for weeks, the wet weather, too, would be blamed on climate change. ‘Climate apocalypse starts… (Beta) Is Live

A Tesla owner (TeslaModel11 on Reddit) created and developed TeslaTheater, which is a free service for fellow Tesla owners that will allow them to access different streaming media apps in full screen instead of just in a small browser window. The creator has verified its functionality on the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. He feels it is ready for wider beta testing and feedback

Why we're happier when we're older

It seems that the more candles you blow out on your cake, the happier your life can be. It’s known as the paradox of aging — so many things supposedly worsen with age, yet older people often have a better…

Raindrops On White Tesla Model Y Performance (Spy Video), + Different Tesla Model Y Designs Raise Questions

The Model Y is the next technologically brilliant, useful vehicle that Tesla is putting into production for the masses to adopt, something in between the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3. It is like a mild but active middle child, needing little attention as it jumps into the flow of things

2020 may be the year that young people finally decide who wins elections

In a discussion of the film “The Irishman” and its digitally de-aged actors, Nitsuh Abebe of The New York Times writes about the dominance of the baby boomers. Consider our nation: The president is in his 70s, as are his…

Betelgeuse is ‘fainting’ but (probably) not about to explode

The well-known bright star Betelgeuse – a red giant star, famous for its name and for the fact that it’ll explode someday – has become noticeably dimmer since late October. Here’s what astronomers think is happening.

Capturing CO2 from trucks and reducing their emissions by 90%

(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) Researchers at EPFL have patented a new concept that could cut trucks’ CO2 emissions by almost 90%. It involves capturing CO2 within the exhaust system, converting it into a liquid and storing it on the vehicle. The liquid CO2 would then be delivered to a service station and where it will be turned back into fuel using renewable energy.

The birds and the bees and the bearded dragons

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) Though sex itself is widespread among lifeforms, the mechanisms determining an individual’s sex vary spectacularly across organisms. How these systems evolve and transition from one to the next across evolutionary time is slowly being revealed. A novel method provides new insight into the evolution of sex determination systems in bearded dragons.