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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Meet The Americana Tesla

Images capture words, yet this one evokes the powerful spirit of American patriotism along with a Tesla owner’s love for her Model X and her country. The photographer, Mattos Media, captures the true essence of what it means to be American, especially since her Tesla is made by an American car company founded by an immigrant who came to the United States because he believed in the American Dream

EV Items Offers Affordable Accessories For Your Electric Vehicle

EV Items, a company created by a former Tesla employee and current Tesla owner, has built up an impressive array of affordable accessories for the Tesla Model 3, S, and X that give owners new options to customize their rides without breaking the bank


Notes About The New Community Guidelines And Bearcam Survey

Hi friends. As our website gains more and more viewers — and in turn, more and more commenters — we’ve seen an influx in comments geared towards park visitors on camera, as well as an increasing amount of political-focused comments….


BloomingTables offers a “living table” that’s furniture and a terrarium all in one

Scientists, doctors, naturalists, and pretty much everyone else agree that plants in your home and office are good thing. Not only do they add visual appeal, but they make a space feel cozy and natural. Plus, there’s that thing about cleaning up the air. Thanks, plants. But, it’s often difficult to find enough space to display plants in an appealing way so the designers of BloomingTables decided to do something about it with an double-duty table and plant stand.  BloomingTables offer…

Tesla Model X Wins Classic Car Show Benefiting Children In Need

Along the banks of the Red River in Alexandria, LA, there sits a mighty Red Dragon, soaking up the hot Louisiana sun as she glows luminously, a beacon of the future that beckons car lovers all across America to experience something new, fresh, and inspiring