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Americans Who Took-in Stranded Koreans During Christmas Blizzard Just Flew Over the Ocean to Visit Their House

Alex Campagna – Facebook

During the record-setting blizzard in New York state last winter, a tour bus of South Korean visitors to our shores found hospitality with two locals—the Campagnas—when their bus got stuck in the snow in Buffalo.

Staying two nights, snow plows eventually had the Koreans on their way. Now, 5 months later, they’re getting the chance to return the favor.

Fascinated by Korean culture, stemming from a love of Korean food, Alex and Andrea Campagna are now in South Korea on a vacation to keep the fire of that memorable snow day alive.

“To see everyone in Korea again is such a blessing,” Andrea told reporters in Seoul on Sunday. She and her husband arrived on Saturday at the invitation of the Korea Tourism Organization.

The organization wasn’t the only one who wanted to thank Alex for the cross-Pacific act of kindness, because when the story went viral on social media following reporting from The New York Times and Good News Network, many Korean businesses wanted to reward the couple.

credit the Korean Tourist Organization

“They made us really feel at home. After our memorable time together, I thought I should do good deeds for others too,” said Scott Park, one of the tour group who the Campagnas went to see, and who turned for to their interview.

One of the fonder memories was all the Korean food cooked by the sheltering tourists after discovering a wealth of authentic Korean ingredients and crockery in the Campagna household.

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“I think with how difficult things have been with COVID, after so much sadness, pain and losses, the world was hungry for a heartwarming story. I think that’s why the story resonated with so many people,” Andrea told the Korea Herald.

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The China-Russia-Oil-Gas-Coal-Climate Nexus

The relationship between China and Russia poses the greatest danger faced by America and the West since the Hitler-Stalin Pact in 1939 initiated WWII. If alarm bells are not ringing all across Washington, DC, they should be. [emphasis, bold added]…

105-Year-Old WWII Veteran With No Surviving Relatives Receives 3,000 Birthday Cards

Ernest Horsfall with his birthday cards — SWNS

A World War II veteran with no surviving relatives celebrated his 105th birthday with more than 3,000 cards from kind-hearted strangers.

Ernest Horsfall, who has seen 27 Prime Ministers and five British monarchs in his lifetime, said he was ‘surprised and amazed;’ at how many people wrote to him.

He was showered with cards from generous well-wishers after the Royal British Legion called for the brave ex-servicemen to be honored for his landmark birthday.

After opening all his cards, he said he was looking forward to spending time with his girlfriend Margaret, 63, who flew in from Iceland to be with him on his special day.

“I’m utterly surprised and amazed at the number of greeting cards that came my way,” he said from a seat in his home in Preston.

Ernest was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in 1918, three weeks after the Royal Air Force was formed.

He was married for 57 years and had a son and a sister, but they have both now passed away.

Ernest served in London during the Blitz before joining the Allied campaign in North Africa, then went to Italy to maintain Allied tanks, directing 23 Italian civilian mechanics.

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Ernest says he still has vivid memories of serving with the Army Ordnance Corps in London in 1940 and feels lucky to have survived the terrible conflict.

“There would be swarms of Nazi bombers flying overhead all night and I knew many people that were injured or worse,” he said. “On one occasion, our guard room was hit and six of my pals were killed, I was just lucky it wasn’t my duty that night.”

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Following his time as a sergeant in the British Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers between 1940 and 1946, he decided to take flying lessons at age 43 and was a private pilot for the next 50 years.

WWII veteran Ernest Horsfall reading his cards – SWNS

Ernest, who has met several prime ministers since leaving the armed forces, received a card from current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak congratulating him on reaching his 105th birthday.

Rachel Venables, membership engagement manager for the Royal British Legion, which launched the card appeal, said the sacrifices of servicemen like Ernest would “never be forgotten.”

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“The Second World War generation is inevitably diminishing, but occasions like this are an opportunity for the RBL to remind everyone that their service and sacrifice means something and will never be forgotten,” she said.

While they may be diminishing, this 105-year-old has some great advice to share with those who have many years left on the Earth.

“The secret to a long life is to keep living as happy as you can and keep a straight mind,” he said.

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Singapore Sleuth Spends 8 Months Tracking Down a Man to Return Family Heirlooms–And Finally Succeeds

An art lecturer and collector from Singapore went on the journey of a lifetime to reunite World War II memorabilia with its owner after buying them at auction.

The grand adventure begin in 2022 when 39-year-old Wesley Leon Aroozoo bid on a collection of antique stamps, postcards, and articles that included an unmarked set of booklets which he discovered belonged to a pair of laborers in Nazi Germany.

The adventure ended 8 months later with a beautiful ending, that had a sort of “what goes around comes around” moral of the story.

Aroozoo loves vintage everything, and the story of his internet sleuthing, as recounted by, centers around the incredible insight he was able to glean into a German family separated by a continent, 10k miles, 80 years, and a world war.

Using the information he found within the booklets, Aroozoo determined they belonged to two brothers: Wolfgang and Woldamar Scheck.

The booklets were principally sheets meant for collecting a stamp at the end of a workday to prove they were employed—some horrible relic of Nazism’s fascist central planning efforts—but they also contained immigration papers and other family documents.

The stamp booklet – Photos courtesy of Wesley Aroozoo

“I think I’m a bit nuts when it comes to these things,” Aroozoo admitted to Mothership. “Most people would just look at it and go, ‘oh, that’s kind of cool’ and then keep it or sell it.”

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“[But] if it was me—if I had interesting family documents from my great-grandfather or something—wouldn’t it be cool if someone gave it back to me?”

Aroozoo’s own family history is fairly impermeable, and would take a team of geneticists and bureaucrats to illuminate because in the misty past of poorly-managed government records, his surname had been misspelled; a hard end to all his attempts thus far to learn more about his own origins.

Tracking down the Schecks

The immigration papers contained within the booklets showed that Woldamar had immigrated to Australia in the 1950s. Aroozoo scoured social media for Australian residents with the surname Scheck, and sent messages gently explaining what he was trying to do.

After 8 months without any luck, Aroozoo came across an Excell spreadsheet that had made it onto Google and which contained the name “Michael Scheck” in the coding. He knew Michael was one of Woldamar’s 4 children, and so used a program to convert the code of the unopenable spreadsheet into a text document to try and confirm his findings.

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Buried in code inside, he found Michael’s name alongside the address of his place of work. Calling and getting notification that Michael was on holiday but would be told of Aroozoo’s request for contact upon his return, Aroozoo felt a rush of excitement.

Wesley and his Wife with Mr Scheck – Photos courtesy of Wesley Aroozoo

“From that stage (of the search), it became a different battle, it became about convincing the person that I am not a crazy person,” Aroozoo told Mothership.

Eventually, he did earn that trust, and Aroozoo and his wife flew to Brisbane to meet Scheck in a public place to reunite the man with his family heirlooms.

The collector and now one-time successful sleuth is fairly philosophical about the strange dedication he bent toward the effort of finding Michael, believing it’s his own lack of ancestral context that sent him running after someone else’s.

WATCH the six-minute Mothership documentary below to see what happened next… 

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Church’s Lost Crucifix Rescued From WWI Battlefield Finally Returned After 107 Years

A church destroyed in France during The Somme has regained its holy crucifix lost in the battle. Plucked from the mud in 1916 by a British reverend, it was brought back to Britain and has proudly sat on the altar of All Saints Church in Tinwell since 1936. The crucifix will is due for a […]

The post Church’s Lost Crucifix Rescued From WWI Battlefield Finally Returned After 107 Years appeared first on Good News Network.

Earth Could Warm 3 Degrees if Nations Keep Building Coal Plants, New Research Warns – InsideClimate News

Earth is on track to significantly overshoot a critical global climate target, largely because not enough coal-fired power plants are being retired, researchers warned in two new reports. Some nations are even planning new coal projects despite promising two years…

Media Regurgitate Nonsense About Greenland Ice Sheet And Sea Level Rise

CNBC and the Potsdam Institute (PIK) report that: We’re halfway to a tipping point that would trigger 6 feet of sea-level rise from the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet PUBLISHED WED, MAR 29 202312:12 PM EDT By Catherine Clifford KEY…

Why East Antarctica is a ‘sleeping giant’ of sea level rise – BBC

Scientists once thought the East Antarctic ice sheet, which contains enough water to raise sea levels 52m (170ft), was stable. But now its ice shelves are beginning to melt. Jan Lieser had just started going through the dozens of satellite…

She Reunites Families with Lost Heirlooms for Free–Returning Over 500 Items to Thrilled Relatives

Chelsey Brown likes to trawl flea markets and thrift shops for interesting items, but not for decorations or collections. As an amateur genealogist, she enjoys tracking down the owners or the descendants of the owners and reuniting them with their lost heirlooms. The Manhattan interior designer claims to have returned more than 500 objects to […]

The post She Reunites Families with Lost Heirlooms for Free–Returning Over 500 Items to Thrilled Relatives appeared first on Good News Network.

Half The World At Risk Of Starvation Under Net Zero, Warn Top Climate Experts

Billions of people around the world face starvation if Net Zero policies ban the production of nitrogen fertilizer derived from fossil fuels. This is the stark warning from two top American scientists who say that eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertilizers…

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