Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Science Advisor William Happer Leaving Trump’s NSC

William Happer, an outspoken skeptic of climate change, is leaving his position as a senior director on the National Security Council later this week, according to E&E News. The news of his departure comes just a day after Trump announced…

Who says jerky has to be beef?

If you’ve ever taken a cross-country road trip or loaded up your hiking gear with long-lasting snacks, it’s likely you included dried beef jerky alongside such tried-and-true favorites as trail mix and GORP. The dehydrated meat snack has been around…

Do fake owls and other decoys work?

Maybe you’ve seen a scarecrow perched in a field or a plastic owl standing guard over a garden. The idea is that the decoy will scare away birds and small mammals from feasting on whatever goodies lie below. But do…

Baby boomers are going to face another problem: The baby bust

Maine has the oldest population in the USA, with a median age of 44.6 years, significantly older than the 38.1 median age for the country. According to Jeff Stein in The Washington Post, the state is being “hammered by two…


The world is going sideways. What’s a sustainability professional to do?

The Amazon and the Arctic are burning, Greenland and Antarctica are melting, and longstanding concerns such as plastic waste, air pollution and water security that don’t seem to be getting better. How do you stay positive?