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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Every rise in global warming matters; time to act now – Gulf Times

Long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns indicate climate change, which can affect our health, ability to grow food, housing, safety and livelihood. Some of us are already more vulnerable to climate impacts, such as those living in small island…

Christ and Common Sense: What does the Bible say about global warming? – Hanford Sentinel

In 2006 Al Gore starred in a documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth.” In it he made the claim that there is a strong scientific consensus that the earth is warming primarily because of human activity. His argument was that as…

If we don’t act, climate change could devastate Coachella Valley, too – Desert Sun

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” — Albert Einstein A smoky haze often inundates the skies over the Coachella Valley — an arid landscape exacerbated by…

Biden, world leaders push climate action, vow methane cuts – Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden tried on Friday to hammer out the world’s next steps against rapidly worsening climate change with a small group of other global leaders and announced a new U.S.-European pledge to cut climate-wrecking methane leaks….

Italy is Protecting its Giant Trees Forever – Monumental Trees that Can Live for Centuries

Big old trees. Are there any living things that speak to us the same way as big old trees? Italy has ensured through law that every Italian and visitor to the country has the right of happening upon the oldest, gnarliest, and most storied trees in the nation, and thereby having that wonderful feeling of […]

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The planet is on a ‘catastrophic’ global warming path, UN report shows – Henry Herald

The planet is careening toward warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels — far above what scientists say the world should be targeting — according to a report on global emissions targets by the UN Framework Convention on Climate…

FLOP26: U.N. Chief Warns Climate Summit At Risk Of Failure

As Europe’s Net-Zero agenda is causing industrial havoc and energy prices are going through the roof, the UN chief has warned that COP26 is heading for the rocks. Warnings about a Cop-flop are no news to interested observers who have…

John Kerry: Climate Doom Zealot

President Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry says that unless the world’s top 20 worst emitters do not take ‘bold action’ to tackle the climate crisis, the global environment will reach a point of no return. (1) Recently, Kerry said that…

Global warming or heating: What is behind climate change | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah

Following the wildfires all over the world, climate change and the melting of glaciers have once more become current issues on the global agenda. However, what is surprising is that some who raised hell while warning about global cooling a…

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