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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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This Week In Failed Global Warming Predictions

Every single day, there is something alarming in the news about climate change. Click on any headline about a natural disaster like a forest fire or a flood or a hurricane, and there will be dire warnings in the article…

Global warming: Arctic’s ‘Last Ice Area’ shows signs of melting much earlier than anticipated; Check details here – The Financial Express

LIA is a key area that scientists were banking upon to support ice-dependent species when the nearby ice was melting away. (Image: Felix Linhardt/Kiel University) Climate change: The ‘Last Ice Area’, located in the Arctic’s Ice north of Greenland, has…

Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change

(University of Washington) Last August, sea ice north of Greenland showed its vulnerability to the long-term effects of climate change. The region, part of what’s known as the “Last Ice Area” that could serve as a refuge for ice-dependent species, may be ice-free in summertime sooner than expected.

‘The future of this planet is at stake’: Report pressures Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to battle climate lies – USA TODAY

The nation’s leading social media companies pulled out the stops to shut down conspiracy theories, hoaxes and falsehoods about COVID-19 and vaccines, QAnon and the 2020 election, but they are far less aggressive when it comes to the latest hot…

Global warming is boiling our testicles, suggesting a new animal fertility crisis looms – Salon

Dr. Thomas Price, a senior lecturer of evolution, ecology and behavior at the University of Liverpool, has had a lot of time to consider how humans are at a disadvantage because of our external reproductive organs. Some animals have testicles inside…

An unexpected side effect of climate change? More stillbirths – Salon

Update: This story has been updated to include responses from the research team behind the paper. Climate change is perhaps the greatest existential threat that humanity has ever faced — and as environmental research accumulates, we keep discovering unexpected side effects of making…

Only 17 percent of free-flowing rivers are protected, new research shows

(Northern Arizona University) The research, published in special issue of Sustainability that was co-edited by NAU researchers, demonstrates that biodiversity commitments will be key to global freshwater protection.

As plant/animal diversity wanes, is microbial life changing too? A perilously ‘profound ignorance’

(Terry Collins Assoc) The downward trajectory of plant and animal diversity constitutes a key issue of the Anthropocene. Whether diversity is changing also in the world of microbes is unknown, however — a “profound ignorance” — because the importance of these microorganisms maintain Earth’s habitability. A paper published today frames the rate of change of microbial biodiversity as an important question on which progress is possible.

14 Years Ago the Amazon Was Being Bulldozed for Soy – Then Everything Changed As Corporations Joined Activists

Over the last 14 years, a unique public-private initiative has reduced soy farming deforestation in the Amazon, so much so, that almost no soy coming from the Amazon currently contributes to deforestation. It began in 2006 when Greenpeace launched a campaign exposing the damage of forest clear-cutting for soy the previous year—more than 1,600 square […]

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