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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Could a technological fix save the planet from climate change? – FRANCE 24 English

Pessimism is growing about humanity’s ability to save the planet as world leaders prepare to convene for climate change talks at the COP26 summit in Glasgow on October 31. Faced with increasingly apocalyptic projections, some scientists are calling for plans…

Facebook Uses Fake Fact-Check To Block Blaming Biden For High Gas Prices

Facebook appeared to censor a meme on Wednesday that placed blame for high gas prices on President Joe Biden, citing a USA Today fact-check to justify the censorship. “Fact check: Rising gas prices due to high demand and low supply,…

Offshore wind Bill debated in Canberra to unlock offshore wind energy resource

Greater Gabbard Windfarm Courtesy SSE “For a government that talks up ‘technology not taxes’ it is so disappointing that we’ve had to wait so long for this legislation” says Labor MP Kate Thwaites, who says the ALP supports the #OffshoreWindBill…

Amplifying feedbacks from land and ocean may render emission reductions insufficient

by Andrew Glikson Figure 1. Comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO₂ has increased since the Industrial Revolution. (Credit: NASA, data: Luthi, D., et al. 2008; Etheridge, D.M., et…

It’s Time To Start Laughing At Climate Hysteria

We should laugh at climate hysteria, especially the fantasy proposals for stopping evil climate change. Electrify everything by running it on wind and solar? Restructure the economy? Restart the world in a green image? Stop eating meat and drinking milk?…

Durable Yarn Wrist Heaters Provide Re-usable Portable Warmth

As the fall chill settles in across the U.S., people are getting out their cozy sweaters and electric blankets, or stocking up on handheld heat packets for extra warmth. But sweaters and blankets are bulky, and heat packs only work for a little while. Now, researchers have demonstrated a conductive, durable yarn for lightweight wearable […]

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The Carbon Takeback: Affordable Policy That Could Stop Fossil Fuels From Causing Global Warming – SciTechDaily

Stop fossil fuels from causing global warming within a generation… The Carbon Takeback Obligation could do just that. Imagine a single policy, imposed on one industry, which would, if enforced consistently, stop fossil fuels causing global warming within a generation. The Carbon Takeback Obligation could…


Understanding the Differences Between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Recycling

Did you know there are several types of recycling? It’s not surprising if you don’t. Most consumers don’t stop to think about what happens to the items they put in their curbside bin. You’ve done your part as soon as you send off the items for recycling. What happens at a recycling facility? It’s just as […]

Australia at COP26 diary

Design for a Billboard at COP26 Glasgow crowdfunded by Dan Ilic UN climate conference, the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) is ocurring in Glasgow from Monday November 1 to Friday November 12, 2021 (but may also go overtime into…

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