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Himalayan State Becomes First in India to Give Wives Co-Ownership of Ancestral Land

One of the most important stops on the ride to independence is the freedom to economically plan one’s own affairs and retain ownership of acquired property. The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand has finally given married women co-ownership of their husbands’ ancestral property. It’s the first Indian state to do so, though local politicians hope it […]

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MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: How can we address climate change? – The Stanly News & Press | The Stanly News & Press – Stanly News & Press

The Biden Administration has identified addressing climate change — specifically, global warming — as one of its top priorities. Indeed, they are incorporating climate change into both their foreign and economic policies. Mike Walden Accepting global warming and its impacts…

Energy switching decisions could widen social inequalities

(University of Leeds) New energy tariffs designed for a low carbon future could leave people on bad deals even worse off. The tariffs could benefit all kinds of customers, but many people are unlikely to choose them. Those likely to adopt them first are younger, with higher incomes and higher education.

New book reveals Charles Darwin’s cultural impact in unprecedented detail

(National University of Singapore) NUS historian of science Dr John van Wyhe has co-published a groundbreaking new book on Charles Darwin which shows for the first time the extent of his cultural impact over the past 160 years. A decade in the making, this volume demonstrates that Darwin is the most influential scientist who has ever lived, having the most species named after him and he is also the most translated scientist in history.

The Inspiring and Playful Hidden Message in the Mars Perseverance Rover’s Parachute

When computer nerds are placed in command of one of humanity’s most ambitious scientific undertakings, you know there’s going to be some fun involved. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)—home of mission control for the Mars rovers Perseverance and Curiosity—takes advantage of the brilliance of their staff, and the fact that tens of millions of people […]

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In stopping climate change, time is as important as tech | Greenbiz – GreenBiz

This article originally appeared on the author’s personal blog, and was written in that capacity. Italics are the author’s. The only sure path to stop climate change is to zero out greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. That’s it. As…

Aviva chief warns insurers on ‘forked tongue’ over climate change – Financial Times

Aviva chief executive Amanda Blanc has warned that the insurance industry cannot “speak with forked tongue” on global warming by doing one thing with its investment portfolios and another with the products it sells. More insurers are promising to focus…

Climate change will lead to more extreme weather events. Is Texas prepared? – Austin American-Statesman

Freezing temperatures for nearly a week, with lows dipping into the single digits. Sheets of ice covering roads. Snowfall blanketing much of the state, totaling 15 inches in some areas. The historic winter weather that swept across Texas in February — crippling infrastructure…

Why Do Democrats Keep Getting Their Climate Doomsday Predictions Wrong?

For more than 50 years, members of the scientific community and environmental movement have made climate-change predictions that ultimately turned out to be incorrect. Many of these predictions have been embraced by prominent Democrats over the years. President Joe Biden’s…

Climate change projections show there may not be snow for skiing at some NH mountains by 2070 –

DURHAM — By the 2070s, if climate change continues at its current global warming pace, New Hampshire’s southernmost ski areas could see snowless winters that are so warm that they’ll be unable to even make snow for skiers and riders….