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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Envoy And Chinese Sympathizer John Kerry Needs To Go

It’s time for President Biden to fire his “climate guy.” That’s how John Kerry described himself last week at what even CBS News called a “failed” international climate summit in Glasgow. The undistinguished former Senator and presidential wannabe said the…

5 Big Lies About Climate Change, And How Researchers Trained A Machine To Spot Them – Forbes

Protesters carry a sign reading “Tell The Truth” while walking in the street during the Shut Down DC … [+] climate demonstration in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. © 2019 Bloomberg Finance LP When it comes to…

No, Climate Change Is Not Forcing Guatemalan’s To Flee Their Country

A story on ABC News claims climate change is creating a dire situation in Guatemala, forcing its residents to choose between starving or migrating. This is false. Data from the U.N. Food and Agriculture organization show crop production and yields have…

HPV Vaccine Reduced Cervical Cancer Rates by 87% in Women

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine reduces cervical cancer rates by 87% in women who were offered the jab between the ages of 12-13, confirms a new study. Researchers at King’s College London have found the HPV vaccination program prevented around 450 cervical cancers and around 17,200 pre-cancers by the middle of 2019. They also found […]

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Transport Day at COP26: aviation, shipping, EVs but don’t mention cycling, micro-mobility or public transport

Wednesday 10 November was designated transport day at the UN Climate conference COP26. After the energy sector, the transport sector needs to be decarbonised. Decarbonisation of electricity grids will substantially contribute and assist in reducing transport emissions. The UK Government…

Nations Most Impacted by Global Warming Kept Out of Key Climate Meetings in Glasgow – InsideClimate News

Discontent about lack of progress on climate financing for vulnerable countries spilled into the second week of climate negotiations in Glasgow during Monday’s opening session of COP26, when representatives of all 197 countries at the United Nations Climate talks had…

Refugees in Cameroon Have Turned a Treeless Desert Camp Into a Thriving Forest – LOOK

What once was brown now has turned green, thanks to a special collaboration between the Dutch Lottery, the UN, and a group of humanitarian Lutherans. In 2014, Minawao began hosting at least 60,000 refugees in Cameroon who fled violence linked to the Boko Haram insurgency in neighboring Nigeria. An arid region already dusty brown, the […]

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Australia scores Fossil award for new offshore oil exploration, Brazil for bullying indigenous people | Day 5 of COP26

Brazil and Australia won Fossil awards today.  Brazil for intimidation and bullying of indigenous people speaking out.  The Fossil award for Australia is for opening up 10 new areas for offshore oil exploration in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria. …

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