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Zooming in on breast cancer reveals how mutations shape the tumour landscape

(Cancer Research UK) Scientists have created one of the most detailed maps of breast cancer ever achieved, revealing how genetic changes shape the physical tumour landscape, according to research funded by Cancer Research UK and published in Nature Cancer today (Monday). An international team of scientists has developed intricate maps of breast tumour samples, with a resolution smaller than a single cell.

Increasing Number of Icelanders Believe Global Warming is a Natural Phenomenon – IcelandReview

An increasing number of Icelanders believe that increases in the earth’s temperature over the last century are due to natural environmental changes, Kjarninn reports. A Gallup poll published on Thursday found that 23% of Icelanders now believe that global warming…

Second antibiotic no advantage for treating super-bug Golden Staph

A world-first clinical trial has called into question the effectiveness of using more than one antibiotic to treat the deadly ‘super-bug’, Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Bacteremia, commonly known as Golden Staph.

9 things you didn't know about astronaut Christina Koch

NASA astronaut Christina Hammock Koch returned to Earth after setting a record for the longest single spaceflight in history by a woman. During her 328 days in space, she completed six spacewalks, including conducting the first all-female spacewalk with fellow…

We love movies — but we love libraries more

Given the wide array of available entertainment options and the way we consume information, visits to the library may seem like an old-fashioned pastime. But according to a new Gallup poll, Americans took more trips to the library than to…

Congratulations, Christina Koch!

Astronaut Christina Koch has returned to Earth after a record-breaking stay of 328 days aboard the International Space Station. She now holds the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman.

Enjoying the View? How computer games can help evaluate landscapes

(Staffordshire University) Geographers from Staffordshire University are stepping into the virtual world of computer games to develop exciting new ways of assessing landscapes.Ruth Swetnam, Professor of Applied Geography, has spent years analysing geographical landscapes and determining what features people from different countries find most appealing. In a bid to engage younger audiences Ruth teamed up with Jan Korenko, Senior Lecturer in Visual Effects at Staffordshire University, to create a series of videos depicting dynamic fly-throughs of virtual landscapes.