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News about Climate Change and our Planet


What will make you believe in global warming? How about a life-altering flood, study asks – The Colorado Sun

After overflowing rivers swept away homes, tossed cars downstream and left entire neighborhoods swamped with mud, researchers had a question for the survivors of the epic Colorado floods of 2013. Do you believe in climate change now? Today’s the day….

A conversation about lead levels

I was talking to a young-ish woman a while back (I’d guess she was in her 30s) in a social context and the subject of game meat came up, pretty much by chance. Now I don’t know this woman well,…

Trump’s DOI Axing 7,500 Regs To Expand Fishing/Hunting On Federal Lands

Trump’s Cabinet is putting his America First policies into place, including at the Department of Interior, where Secretary David Bernhardt announced a plan to open up more than 1.4 million acres of federal land through the elimination of some 7,500…

Today in science: Sally Ride in space

She was the 1st American woman in space, eventually flying on 2 Space Shuttle missions. She played a key role in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. And she inspired people.

What is valley fever?

Valley fever is on the rise. Cases of this dangerous and sometimes fatal condition have tripled in the past decade, to the point where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have dubbed it a “silent epidemic.” Fewer than…

Climate Change Could Mean More Kids, Not Less

The effects will vary across the globe and could worsen inequality. Climate change threatens to affect every inch of life as we know it.  Some impending disasters are obvious:  rising sea levels will cause flooding, droughts will restrict access to…