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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change: Lessons learned from penguins – CTV News

One hundred years ago, colourful canaries warned humans of the hidden hazards of digging for coal by riding shotgun down the mine and dropping dead. Now, penguin experts say these birds that move like tuxedoed toddlers are showing us the…

Climate change is killing Michoacan’s monarch butterfly population – The Washington Post

Every year, millions of monarch butterflies make their way across North America to spend winters in the same forests of central Mexico’s Michoacán state — a phenomenon that remains an evolutionary mystery. But in just one year, the population of…

Autumn has been totally skewwhiff in Sydney this year, devoid of its customary cadence and meter | Paul Daley

In the southern Australian cities where I’ve spent most of my life my birthday on the second day of autumn has always been synonymous with gentle seasonal transition. It’s no coincidence that the beginning of autumn in March is my…

Power move: Stacey Abrams’ next act is the electrification of the US

Stacey Abrams has been hailed as a masterly community organizer, after she helped turn out the voters that secured two Senate seats for Democrats in once solidly red Georgia. She has also run twice – unsuccessfully – for state governor….

California’s Green Energy Mandates Sending Electricity Rates Even Higher

Last week, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District approved new regulations that will ban the use of residential and commercial natural gas-fired water heaters and furnaces in 2027. The regulation, which only applies to new appliances, prohibits residents in…

Forget geoengineering. We need to stop burning fossil fuels. Right now | Rebecca Solnit

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, one of which dropped this week, are formidably researched and profoundly important, but they mostly reinforce what we already know: human-produced greenhouse gases are rapidly and disastrously changing the planet, and unless…

A UK citizen’s assembly on nature gives us hope, but can we really change? | Sarah Hudston

The People’s Plan for Nature, launched on Thursday, sets out the public’s recommendations for reversing massive declines in Britain’s nature. One hundred people were invited to come together, in a citizens’ assembly, to agree on a plan for how to…

Watch Heartwarming Reaction When Ukrainian Students Get Shocking News They Won Full College Scholarship in U.S

We bring you the uplifting moments when five students in war-torn Ukraine received the life-changing news that they will receive an all-expenses paid college education to study at a college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, thanks to the incredible generosity of philanthropist Sam Rose. The retired lawyer and real-estate developer provided $2 million for scholarships to Dickinson […]

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The Secretive Dark Money Groups Behind The Natural Gas Bans

Last Tuesday, Rewiring America announced that it has hired Georgia politician Stacey Abrams to help the group “launch and scale a national awareness campaign and a network of large and small communities working to help Americans go electric.” In a press…

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