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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Annapolis-based nonprofit prepares to set sail for Greenland to study climate change on the newly commissioned sailboat – Capital Gazette

There’s a saying among oceanographers that the bigger your ship, the better your research. The Annapolis-based Ocean Research Project would like to prove that adage wrong. Saturday at City Dock, the nonprofit commissioned its newest research vessel, the R/V Marie…

With Record Breaking Heatwaves South Asia 10 Times More Exposed to Global Warming Threats Over Coming Decades – One Green Planet

According to a report, South Asian economies are 10 times more exposed to global-warming threats over the coming decades than the rest of the world.  Heatwaves are nothing new to India, but they are increasingly becoming worse due to climate…

Chinook Salmon Introduced to Mountain Streams Not Inhabited for 100 Years

The historic reintroduction of Chinook salmon into a California creek this spring will help secure another generation of this iconic species. State and federal biologists have been busy moving endangered adult winter-run Chinook salmon to the upper reaches of Battle Creek and threatened spring-run Chinook salmon to Clear Creek in Northern California, where colder water temperatures […]

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France’s unprecedented drought shows climate change is ‘spiralling out of control’ – FRANCE 24 English

Issued on: 11/05/2022 – 17:17 As global warming accelerates, the spectre of drought haunts France’s once verdant farmland. Even now, before the start of summer, 15 administrative départements have had to restrict water use while farmers warn that the current situation will have an adverse impact on…

The World Has No Choice but to Care About India’s Heat Wave – The Atlantic

CHANDIGARH, India—Soon after I arrived in the eastern megacity of Kolkata in February, temperatures began climbing. They always do when India’s short winter turns into an early spring. But then they kept rising. After the hottest March in 122 years…

Global Warning: Extreme weather conditions are sweeping large parts of the world – The Financial Express

Climate change has been at the top of the agenda for many nations across the world. Why would some global leaders otherwise appoint ‘chief heat officers’, who have the most important tasks at hand—to deal with rising temperatures in their…

Gov. Youngkin Gets Plastic Recycling Right With New Eco-Policies

Virginia Gov. Glen Youngkin has laid down a blueprint for other conservative politicians to follow in November. Among his refreshing policy stances that range from empowering parents to tax cuts, the newly minted leader has acknowledged that you don’t need…

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