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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Winter Olympics

‘Big irony’ as winter sports sponsored by climate polluters, report finds

Winter sports are being sponsored by high-carbon companies despite their pollution helping to melt the snow the sports require to exist, according to a new report. The report found that more than 100 events, organisations and athletes were sponsored by…

‘Not much time left’: Salt Lake City’s mayor on the Great Lake drying up

Erin Mendenhall was once an environmental activist, campaigning for clean air. Now, in a fitting but grim twist, she is the mayor of a fast-growing US city that faces being enveloped by a huge toxic cloud of dust. Mendenhall, who…

What Europe’s Snow Shortage Tells Us About Global Warming – EARTH.ORG

Europe has seen a significant snow shortage in recent years and many are beginning to wonder what this could mean for the future of our planet. The abnormally warm winter Europe is currently experiencing is a clear consequence of global…

‘Feels like summer’: Warm winter breaks temperature records in Europe – Reuters

Ski slopes deserted due to lack of snow Activists call for faster action on climate change Pollen warning issued as plants bloom early Governments get short-term gas-price respite LONDON/BRUSSELS, Jan 4 (Reuters) – Record-high winter temperatures swept across parts of…

What 2023 could mean for Ukraine, China, conflict zones, and climate change – Grid

One year ago, even some sophisticated readers — and savvy editors — couldn’t have identified Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a photo or found Luhansk and Donetsk on a map. It’s doubtful they’d have known what “HIMARS” or “ATACMS” were,…


Skiing in the Alps faces a bleak future thanks to climate change

Saving the winter economy in alpine resorts will prove very challenging. Skiing won’t disappear overnight but it will find itself operating in a Europe where winter as we know it appears to be disappearing

Warming Trends: Carbon-Neutral Concrete, Climate-Altered Menus and Olympic Skiing in Vanuatu – InsideClimate News

SOLUTIONS  Growing the Limestone for Climate-Friendly Concrete Concrete is the most prolific man-made material on the planet, and as a result, its production is one of the most significant contributors to climate change.  The concrete production process involves burning quarried…

Winter Olympic Sites Are Melting Away because of Climate Crisis – Scientific American

The number of places on Earth with the right combination of natural climate and geography for the Olympic Winter Games is already inherently limited. But as global temperatures rise from the burning of fossil fuels, the list is narrowing further….

Only ‘one reliable host city’ will be left for Winter Olympics if global emissions are not curbed: study | TheHill – The Hill

As the 2022 Winter Olympics are underway in China, researchers are already looking ahead to how the planet can sustain holding future Olympic games as climate change impacts the winter season across the Northern Hemisphere.  Researchers from the U.S., Canada…

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