Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


After Wind Speeds Dropped, UK Electricity Prices Rose 10,000%

Last Wednesday the wind died, and Britain’s fleet of thousands of wind turbines mostly stopped turning. The engineers at National Grid had seen the problem coming: temperatures and wind speeds had been low all week and were forecast to fall…


‘Obsessed’ Greenie BoJo Is Driving UK Towards Eco-Dictatorship

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is becoming ‘more and more obsessed’ with COP26 (the United Nations climate conference which Britain is hosting later this year). ‘The green agenda is not just a load of green nonsense,’ he claims….

Measuring the belowground world

Life above ground depends on the soil and its countless inhabitants. Yet, global strategies to protect biodiversity have so far paid little attention to this habitat. Researchers call for greater consideration of soils in international biodiversity strategies, far beyond agriculture. The researchers explain their plan for systematic recording to enable comprehensive policy advisory.

A new record for the most distant quasar

Astronomers have a new measurement for the distance of quasar J0313-1806, making it the new record-holder for the most distant quasar known. We’re seeing it just 670 million years after the Big Bang, or more than 13 billion light-years away.

‘Ocean 100’: Small group of companies dominates ocean economy

(Duke University) Most of the revenues extracted from use of the world’s oceans is concentrated among 100 transnational corporations. Dubbed the “Ocean 100” by researchers at Duke University and Stockholm University, these “blue economy” companies collectively generated $1.1 trillion in revenues in 2018, according to research published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances. If the group were a country, it would have the world’s 16th-largest economy, roughly equivalent to the gross domestic product (GDP) of Mexico.

China Heavy Use Of Coal Belies Its Wind Power Ambitions

We have all heard about China building a lot of coal plants, but the central role coal plays in their booming economy is amazing. It is a big reason they are the world’s leading manufacturer. China generates almost twice as…

Why Carbon Dioxide Is Natural And Essential

The mantra to build a “green economy” is actually code to kill the oil and natural gas industry and replace it with solar and wind power, battery-powered cars, and the like. Others have revealed the naivety of this canard and…

Impacts of climate change on our water and energy systems: it’s complicated

(DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Barbara have developed a science-based analytic framework to evaluate the complex connections between water and energy, and options for adaptations in response to an evolving climate.