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The Shift To Solar, Wind, & Electric Vehicles Is Too Monumental To Overstate

Covering solar power, wind power, and electric vehicles obsessively for ~10 years, I have run across some fascinating observations regarding these technologies and the transitions we are going through — and then I’ve subsequently forgotten many of them. This article is centered around one of the coolest observations I’ve run across, which slipped my mind for a while but just came back to the forefront this week


Hoary bat numbers declining at rate that suggests species in jeopardy in Pacific Northwest

The hoary bat, the species of bat most frequently found dead at wind power facilities, is declining at a rate that threatens its long-term future in the Pacific Northwest, according to a novel and comprehensive research collaboration.

2020 Dem Candidates Need A Dose Of Ice-Cold Reality

CNN recently hosted a seven-hour climate bore-athon. That climate cataclysms are real and already devastating our planet was not open to discussion. So host Wolf Blitzer and ten Democrat presidential contenders vied to make the most extravagant claims about how…

Yang Would Spend $3 Trillion On Residential Solar, But The Same Money Could Decarbonize The Grid Entirely

Yang’s single largest dollar expenditure, 62% of his US$4.9 trillion budget, would only impact 2% to 5% of US energy consumption. And his investments on geoengineering, fusion, and thorium nuclear generation are purely wasted expenditures

ERC starting grant for turbulence research: 1.9 million euros in funding for meteorologist

(University of Cologne) The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a Starting Grant to Dr Cedrick Ansorge at the University of Cologne’s Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology. His fundamental research on turbulence and intermittency will improve weather forecasts, including the calculation of wind conditions for the production of wind power.

“List of Problems” With New Tesla Model 3 … Tesla Fandom Gone Too Far … 4 Reasons We Bought Tesla Model 3 — CleanTechnica Top 20

The top 20 articles on CleanTechnica last week, in terms of views, were led by quite an interesting and surprising article. If you didn’t see it before and are now curious, just be advised that it is delivered better on a computer than a phone — and scrolling down to the comments may be worthwhile sooner than later if you’re confused

Good or Bad? An Essential Guide to Biomass Pros and Cons

The post Good or Bad? An Essential Guide to Biomass Pros and Cons appeared first on Earthava.

Over 70 percent of Americans say that 100% of our electricity should come from renewable sources. What do most people think if when you say renewable energy? They talk about solar panels or wind farms. And yet, there are more types of renewable energy that don’t receive the same attention. Biomass energy is the burning of wood, plants, and […]

The post Good or Bad? An Essential Guide to Biomass Pros and Cons appeared first on Earthava.