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5 Innovative Energy Storage Solutions of Tomorrow

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These days, it seems like all anyone can talk about is climate change, and with good reason. We recently got word that we don’t have long to turn the environment around before we’re all doomed. And at the center of the climate change conversation is the idea of renewable energy. In the mission to cut […]

The post 5 Innovative Energy Storage Solutions of Tomorrow appeared first on Earthava.

When Will Renewable Energy Prices Stop Dropping?

Some people have asked when the prices will stop falling. Their understanding is that the decline in price really is unpredictable, and they believe that no definitive answer can be made about what source of energy will be least expensive in the future. In some important ways, they are wrong. The declines are predictable, to a degree

Chart: Electric Cars Cutting Gasoline Use By Hundreds Of Millions Of Gallons A Year

As every Tesla driver knows, electric vehicles are more reliable, more convenient, cheaper to operate, safer and more fun to drive than legacy vehicles. However, the most important reason for the transition to electric driving is to reduce the use of polluting petroleum products. As EVs proliferate, consumption of gasoline is expected to fall. It’s still very early days, but that trend is already observable

Biden Joins Mounting Calls For Primary Debate On Climate Change

Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden told supporters in Iowa on Tuesday he supports having a primary debate focused solely on climate change. The topic came up during Biden’s brief discussion with a Greenpeace activist. Biden said he is “all in.” “That’s…

The BBC’s Biased Guide To Green Energy

It is eight years since the veteran broadcaster Peter Sissons said he viewed the BBC as hopelessly biased on climate change. It is seven years since we discovered that BBC editorial policy in the area was dictated by environmentalists.  I’ve…

Caribbean Solar Update: Curacao Solar Saves 10% In Energy Costs; Montecristi In The DR Doubles To 116 MW

The island of Curacao began a solar net metering program that has inspired close to 800 residential and commercial installations, operating at a cost of 10% less than the fossil fuel generation they replaced, according to a new report by Ronald Lieuw-Sjong at Next Step Consulting, based in Curaçao

Martian sands move in unearthly ways

Mars is a desert world, with sand dunes similar to those on Earth. But the processes that create them can be quite different from those on our planet, according to a new study from the University of Arizona.

Siemens Gamesa Awarded Turbine Supply Contract For 640 Megawatt Yunline Offshore Wind Project In Taiwan

Spanish offshore wind turbine manufacturing giant Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy announced this week that it has been awarded the firm wind turbine supply contract for the 640 megawatt (MW) Yunlin offshore wind power plant in Taiwan. 

Joe Biden Endorses Green New Deal Framework In ‘Bold’ Climate Change Plan

Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed the Green New Deal on Tuesday as a “crucial framework” for his plan to control climate change. The proposal reads: Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate…