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The 1st intentional radio message to space was sent via Arecibo

Iconic Arecibo telescope is now slated for decommissioning. But its multi-faceted legacy will live on. In 1974, for example, Arecibo sent earthlings’ first intentional message to the cosmos.

Does Jupiter’s moon Europa have geysers? If so, what’s their source?

If watery plumes do burst from Europa’s surface, they might originate not in the moon’s underground ocean, but instead in pockets of brine trapped in the moon’s crust. If that’s so, it could be a source of frustration for those who want to probe Europa’s ocean for possible life.

What is the moon’s terminator line?

The moon’s terminator is the dividing line between day and night on the moon. As we see it from Earth, it marks the line of lunar sunsets or sunrises. Earth and other worlds in our solar system have terminator lines, too.