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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Third of Antarctic ice shelf at risk of collapsing due to global warming- Technology News – Firstpost

Press Trust of IndiaApr 12, 2021 10:14:05 IST Over a third of the Antarctic’s ice shelf area may be at risk of collapsing into the sea if global temperatures reach four degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, according to a study….

New study: Thick sea-ice warms Greenland fjords

(Stockholm University) A new study shows that thick sea-ice can increase the sensitivity of Greenlandic fjords to climate warming. Understanding the factors that control how fast glaciers move, break up and deposit chunks of ice (icebergs) into the fjords – and eventually the sea – is vital for predicting how the Greenland ice sheet will change under a warming climate and for predicting global rates of sea-level rise.

Opinion: The realities of climate change – Los Angeles Times

Climate change is an extremely controversial topic in today’s modern society. It’s defined by NASA as “a long-term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth’s local, regional and global climates” and the changes in earth’s…

Caltech Uses Existing Underwater Cables to Detect Earthquakes and Tsunamis Ahead of Time

Seismologists at Caltech working with optics experts at Google have developed a method to use existing underwater telecommunication cables to detect earthquakes. The technique could lead to improved earthquake and tsunami warning systems around the world. A vast network of more than a million kilometers of fiber optic cable lies at the bottom of Earth’s […]

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Climate change is forcing marine life to flee the equator for cooler waters –

The tropical water at the equator is renowned for having the richest diversity of marine life on Earth, with vibrant coral reefs and large aggregations of tunas, sea turtles, manta rays and whale sharks. The number of marine species naturally…

A Few Degrees of Warming Could Melt Antarctica’s Ice Shelves – The Maritime Executive

The end of the Larsen B ice shelf, 2002 (NASA) By Ella Gilbert 04-11-2021 01:47:58 Images of colossal chunks of ice plunging into the sea accompany almost every news story about climate change. It can often make the problem seem…

Over a third of Antarctic ice shelf could collapse as climate change warms the Earth –

Over a third of the Antarctic ice shelf is at risk of collapsing as Earth continues to warm.  In a new study, scientists at the University of Reading have found that as climate change continues, if Earth’s global temperature rises…

How climate change is threatening Navajo ranchers’ way of life – The Independent

Two decades into a severe drought on the Navajo reservation, the open range around Maybelle Sloan’s sheep farm stretches out in a brown expanse of earth and sagebrush. A dry wind blows dust across the high-desert plateau, smoke from wildfires…