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Empowering Women to Combat Climate Change – Morocco World News

Spread the love Climate change is likely the most urgent crisis facing us in the 21st century. Rising temperatures are causing increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters, more droughts and heat waves, precipitation changes, and sea level rise. Consequently, this…

How climate change is worsening drought – Environmental Defense Fund

Spring is in full swing across the U.S. – flowers are blooming, pollen is blowing – and this means that the 2021 heat wave, hurricane, and wildfire seasons are just around the corner. After the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season produced…

Global glacier retreat has accelerated

(ETH Zurich) An international research team including scientists from ETH Zurich has shownthat almost all the world’s glaciers are becoming thinner and losing mass – andthat these changes are picking up pace. The team’s analysis is the most comprehensive and accurate of its kind to date.

Illinois, Nebraska scientists propose improvements to precision crop irrigation

(University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences) With threats of water scarcity complicating the need to feed a growing global population, it is more important than ever to get crop irrigation right. Overwatering can deplete local water supplies and lead to polluted runoff, while underwatering can lead to sub-optimal crop performance. Yet few farmers use science-based tools to help them decide when and how much to water their crops.

Where Drug Trafficking and Climate Change Collide – JSTOR Daily

The oft-repeated prediction that climate change will hit hardest for already vulnerable populations is playing out in real time for Indigenous Rarámuri communities in Mexico’s restless northwestern borderlands. The Rarámuri (also called the Tarahumara) live in a mountainous region coveted…

Study exposes global ripple effects of regional water scarcity

(Cornell University) Water scarcity is often understood as a problem for regions experiencing drought, but a new study from Cornell and Tufts universities finds that not only can localized water shortages impact the global economy, but changes in global demand send positive and negative ripple effects to water basins across the globe.

Rural Alaskans struggle to access and afford water

(McGill University) Water scarcity in rural Alaska is not a new problem, but the situation is getting worse with climate change. Lasting solutions must encourage the use of alternative water supplies like rainwater catchment and grey water recycling. They must also address the affordability of water related to household income, say researchers from McGill University.

How To Create a Water-Happy India in the Wake of Global Warming – The Wire Science

A woman pushes a cart with water container before world water day on March 22. Photo: PTI One of the foremost consequences of climate change is an increase in the world’s temperature due to global warming. The primary reason for…