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Weather Channel Falsely Claims Mangroves Will Be Gone in 30 Years

The Weather Channel published an article on its website Wednesday claiming global warming threatens the extinction of mangrove trees – which rely on warm temperatures to live – within 30 years. Common sense and scientific evidence reveal that the Weather…

Covid-19 and global warming: two good reasons to eat fewer animals – Open Democracy

Over the past year the world has witnessed an alarming succession of environmental disasters. Millions of hectares of forests have been incinerated in Amazonia and Australia. Floods have submerged whole cities like Venice and its historic and cultural heritage. An…

Why plant-based meats are having a moment

There’s never been a better time to cut meat out of your life or at least limit it significantly. There’s a plethora of meat substitutes on the market, some more affordable than others, but all with a lower environmental impact…

Digital agriculture paves the road to agricultural sustainability

(Michigan State University) In a study published in Nature Sustainability, researchers outline how to develop a more sustainable land management system through data collection and stakeholder buy-in.

Letter: Switching to plant-based diet is key to solving global warming – Greenville News

Share This Story! Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about Letter: Switching to plant-based diet is key to solving global warming Letter to the editor, in advance of Earth Day, says “animal agriculture” is key…

What is a solar tower and how does it work?

A solar tower, also known as a solar power tower, is a way to concentrate solar power to make it a more powerful energy source. Solar towers are sometimes also called heliostat power plants because they use a collection of…

Fossil Fuel Drilling Is Making Texans Sick (Video)

In Texas, methane leaking from fracking sites is not only heating the planet. It’s also making people ill. Locals have reported headaches, nosebleeds, and respiratory problems, and they are calling on fossil fuel companies to clean up their act

9 interesting facts about the Nile River

The Nile is one of the most famous rivers anywhere on our planet, and rightfully so. While all rivers are important for people and wildlife who live nearby, the Nile looms especially large, both literally and figuratively. Here are a…

How anti-sprawl policies may be harming water quality

(Penn State) Urban growth boundaries are created by governments in an effort to concentrate urban development — buildings, roads and the utilities that support them — within a defined area. These boundaries are intended to decrease negative impacts on people and the environment. However, according to a Penn State researcher, policies that aim to reduce urban sprawl may be increasing water pollution.