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MEASURES FOR CLIMATE CHANGE/ GLOBAL WARMING Our Approach to Climate Change Climate change and other global environmental changes, such as the increasing damage caused by abnormal weather, are having a major impact on economic activities and our daily lives. These…

An overlooked source of global warming: all our stuff – The Maine Monitor

Research done by the City of Portland, Oregon found that consumer goods manufactured elsewhere generated more than twice the volume of emissions produced locally. Consumption-based emissions inventories, like those done in Oregon over the past decade, can help states create…

Operating rooms are the climate change contributor no one’s talking about

The health care industry accounts for about 8.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and surgery is one of hospitals’ biggest culprits in this space. Two surgeons-in-training give some solutions to combat this problem.

Battling climate change: In Boulder County, public, private sectors set ambitious goals to reduce carbon footprints – The Daily Camera

Boulder has a reputation for environmental activism and leadership earned over decades of fighting climate change at the municipal level. The community’s legacy includes accomplishments in waste reduction, energy, transportation and conservation. However, approaches to fighting climate change are evolving…

Californians Composting For Climate Change – California Globe

California’s new mandatory composting law just took effect January 1, 2022. Yes, this is another mandatory climate change law, born out of California’s AB 32, the 2006 California Global Warming Solutions Act, which was born out of the Intergovernmental Panel…

VOICES: Consumption and climate change – The Garden Island

What you buy, how you use it and reuse it, and if you repair or recycle, all have huge effects on our planet’s climate. The unrestricted growth in consumerism has been a major factor in the increase in the generation…

Mythbusting: Five common misperceptions surrounding the environmental impacts of single-use plastics

Stand in the soda pop aisle at the supermarket, surrounded by rows of brightly colored plastic bottles and metal cans, and it’s easy to conclude that the main environmental problem here is an overabundance of single-use containers: If we simply recycled more of them, we’d go a long way toward minimizing impacts. In reality, most of the environmental impacts of many consumer products, including soft drinks, are tied to the products inside, not the packaging, according to an environmental engineer.

Plastic bags could be ‘eco-friendlier’ than paper and cotton

Scientists have modeled the cradle-to-grave environmental impact of using different types of shopping bags and report that in cities like Singapore, single-use plastic bags (made from high-density polyethylene plastic) have a lower environmental footprint than single-use paper and multi-use cotton bags.

Zero net emissions targets and climate action plans need to be reflected in 2040 Hume Council Horizons Vision – Submission

My submission to the Draft City of Hume Horizons 2040 document to Hume Council. Quickly pulled together with 24 hours notice and submitted an hour before the midnight deadline. The Hume 2040 Horizons document can be read and tracked through…

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