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Researchers perfect nanoscience tool for studies of nuclear waste storage

(University of Guelph) Studying radiation chemistry and electronic structure of materials at scales smaller than nanometres, the University of Guelph team prepared samples of clay in ultra-thin layers. Working at the TRIUMF particle accelerator, they bombarded the samples with antimatter subatomic particles. They found their system is a proven tool for radiation studies of material to be used to store nuclear waste — important for Canadian nuclear industry looking to build its first geological repository.

UK needs to act to prevent electric vehicle battery waste mountain — new study

(University of Birmingham) Recycling technologies for end-of-life lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are not keeping pace with the rapid rise of electric vehicles, storing up a potentially huge waste management problem for the future, according to a new study.


Laser-based system detects fires even in dusty, harsh environments

Researchers have developed a new laser-based system that offers an efficient and low-cost way to detect fires in challenging environments such as industrial facilities or large construction sites. With further development, the system could eventually detect fires that are more than a kilometer away.


Morrison responds to Greta Thunberg by warning children against ‘needless’ climate anxiety

Scott Morrison has responded to an impassioned speech by the Swedish teenage climate activistGreta Thunberg at the United Nations by declaring the climate change debate is subjecting Australian children to “needless anxiety”. The Australian prime minister, who will address environmental…

If you want the health benefits of tomatoes, keep your meatballs away from the spaghetti

So, what’s the forecast for dinner? Spaghetti with a chance of meatballs? Here’s the thing: As yummy as those meatballs — or lentil or what-have-you balls — are, they may actually steal the nutritional thunder of tomatoes. According to a…

Pioneering new tech to recover 100% phosphorus and biocrude from manure and sludge

(Aarhus University) Danish researcher granted DKK 11.2 million ERC Starting Grant from the prestigious EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) to develop a pioneering new technology that could completely revolutionize waste management. The project will treat manure and sludge using hydrothermal liquefaction in a continuous flow to extract 100% phosphorus and carbon in the form of ‘bio-crude’ — which can be refined e.g. into aviation fuel.