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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Faith and Values: Combatting climate change is a duty of our faith — whatever it may be – The Spokesman-Review

With the global environment experiencing more “natural” disasters, politicians and religious leaders continue to speak about climate change – whether it is real, if we should take it seriously and the like. We are at the crossroads of three areas:…

How climate change is threatening Navajo ranchers’ way of life – The Independent

Two decades into a severe drought on the Navajo reservation, the open range around Maybelle Sloan’s sheep farm stretches out in a brown expanse of earth and sagebrush. A dry wind blows dust across the high-desert plateau, smoke from wildfires…

Out of Trump’s Shadow, World Bank President Embraces Climate Fight – The New York Times

Mr. Malpass has ingratiated himself with World Bank staff with his steady, low-key approach and congenial manner. He has also benefited from low expectations. But with three years left to go in his term, some development experts want to see…

For International Dark Sky Week, Here Are Some City-Adjacent Locations For Viewing Celestial Wonders

It’s officially International Dark Sky Week, and officially the week of the new moon, which means there’s no better time to look up and seek out shimmering constellations, planets, meteors. International Dark Sky Week was launched in 2003 by, fittingly enough, the International Dark Sky Association—an Arizona-based non-profit that works to “to preserve and protect the […]

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Complete chromosome 8 sequence reveals novel genes and disease risks

(University of Washington School of Medicine/UW Medicine) A full assembly of human chromosome 8 has now been completed. Its DNA content and arrangement are of interest in primate and human evolution, in several immune and developmental disorders, and in chromosome sequence structure and function generally. This chromosome has a fast-evolving region with a highly accelerated mutation rate in humans and human-like species. Also, comparative studies with ape and macaque sequences are helping to chart the evolutionary history of the chromosome 8 centromere.

Why rescuing the climate and saving biodiversity go hand in hand – New Scientist

By Michael Le Page A kangaroo and her joey survey the aftermath of a wildfire in Mallacoota, Australia, in 2020 Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals/naturepl THE Great Barrier Reef is already in a critical state. Rising sea temperatures are killing corals faster…

Six ways to stay balanced during the climate crisis – The Washington Post

As bicoastal medical and mental health practitioners, we are deeply concerned about the adverse health consequences of global warming, including: increased risk of heart disease and stroke, higher rates of violence, the widening spread of infectious diseases as well as…

A spike in Arctic lightning strikes may be linked to climate change – Science News Magazine

Climate change may be sparking more lightning in the Arctic. Data from a worldwide network of lightning sensors suggest that the frequency of lightning strikes in the region has shot up over the last decade, researchers report online March 22…

Fossil discovery deepens snakefly mystery

(Simon Fraser University) The recent discovery of four new species of ancient insects are leading scientists to question the evolutionary history of the snakefly. The fossils, discovered in British Columbia and Washington State, are estimated to be 52 million years old and were unearthed in a region once thought uninhabitable.

Biden’s Big Climate Conference Looking Expensive And Useless

The Biden administration is desperate to demonstrate global leadership. President Biden has settled upon climate change as the ideal issue with which to be seen in command of the world. He has decided to lead a “climate summit” for forty…