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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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How can I help to fight climate change? The causes of global warming explained and what I can do at home – iNews

A week of record-breaking temperatures and devastating wildfires has pushed climate change back to the top of the public agenda. Without action to rapidly slash emissions, 40°C days could become a regular occurrence, scientists warned this week. The blistering heat…

Texas Researchers Use Okra to Remove Microplastics from Wastewater

Tarleton State University researchers have demonstrated that food-grade plant extracts, especially those from okra, have the power to remove microplastics from wastewater. The health effects of ingesting microplastics are unclear, but studies suggest that people unintentionally consume thousands of particles every year. They can be released from your clothing in the washing machine and end […]

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The Man Who Predicted Climate Change – The New Yorker

Late in 1966, in the sprawling computer lab of the Washington, D.C., office building that housed the United States Weather Bureau, Syukuro Manabe was waiting for a print job to finish. At stake was the fate of the planet. Manabe,…

Inventor of Hand-Cranked Washing Machine is Distributing the Low-Cost Device to Refugees

The inventor of a hand-cranked washing machine has traveled to Iraq to distribute the low-cost device to refugees. Navjot Sawhney created the ‘Divya’ to allow those living in poverty to be able to wash their clothes more easily. It is thought around 70 percent of the world’s population does not have access to electric washing […]

The post Inventor of Hand-Cranked Washing Machine is Distributing the Low-Cost Device to Refugees appeared first on Good News Network.

How to slow threats posed by global warming – taosnews

Decisions made and actions taken today will shape the world of 2100. Our planet has been warming dramatically since the 1850s because human activity has been putting a blanket of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That insulating blanket must be…


Products and Tips That Help You Reduce Waste While Grocery Shopping

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. Starting with the produce section, you probably ended up with several plastic bags that contained your potatoes, some fruit, the cauliflower you needed, and your onions. Continuing to the meat and seafood area, you have more plastic and styrofoam. Even if you buy from the butcher or […]

How climate change has shifted Earth’s axis – Mashable

Climate 101 is a Mashable series that answers provoking and salient questions about Earth’s warming climate.   Greenland is purging ice into the ocean. And Earth noticed.  A strange impact of the continuously warming climate is that colossal amounts of…

Literature Review: Synthetic Turf carbon footprint, environmental, health, microplastics and biodiversity impacts

Hosken Reserve: grass oval used for soccer training, informal reacreation, off-lead dog exercise (Photo by John Englart) Abstract:  The conversion of a grass oval to synthetic turf at Hosken Reserve, Coburg North, is about a failure in transparency and consultation…

Annotated Bibliography: Synthetic Turf and Climate, health, biodiversity and microplastics pollution issues

Increasing use of synthetic surfaces and synthetic turf is problematic for Several reasons.  Synthetic turf is: Derived from fossil fuel petrochemical industry Produces greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing and as it degrades Increases landfill at end of life Produces micro-plastic…

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