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News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘Global warming is a religion, not a science’ – The Advertiser

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Human history in your face

When you look in a mirror, the face you see is the result of millions of years of human evolution. Here’s an interview with an expert discussing how and why our modern human faces evolved to look as they do today.

Most parents want kids to learn about climate change, but most schools don't teach it

A new study paints a glaring divide between what parents want their kids to learn in school and what’s actually being taught. Even more troubling, it’s a subject that affects parents, non-parents, teachers, kids, even birds and bees. That would…

Climate Change Worsened Global Inequality, Study Suggests – InsideClimate News

Cold-climate countries, including Canada, Norway and Russia, likely benefited economically from global warming in recent decades, while poorer countries closer to the equator suffered economic damage, a new study says. The findings suggest that climate change has exacerbated global inequality….

Many Scientists Skeptical Of Next-Gen Climate Models Predicting Extreme Warming

Early runs of some next-generation climate models to be included in the next United Nations report predict way more warming than their predecessors. While modelers are trying to understand exactly why this happened, many scientists are skeptical there are enough…

Dumb And Dumberer De Blasio Will Ban ‘Classic’ Skyscrapers With NYC’s Green New Deal

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D.) warned President Donald Trump will win in 2020 unless Democrats are “bold” and “progressive” by embracing ideas such as the Green New Deal, the details of which includes banning “classic” skyscrapers for…


8 sustainability podcasts to listen to this Earth Day

Give your daily commute a boost by subscribing to a sustainability podcast. Not only do these podcasts make your drive pass a little faster, but they will also keep you informed on the latest trends in sustainability – and just in time for Earth Day. Here is a quick list of the best sustainability podcasts for your morning drive. Sustainable Jungle This podcast tackles current and future problems in the environmental world. The hosts of the podcast, Lyall and Joy, tour the planet to discuss…

Life after solving climate change: Not mud huts and gruel but clean air and warm homes – USA TODAY

CLOSE President Trump’s pick for leading a climate change panel is notorious for denying the science behind human-caused global warming. We dive into the counter-arguments on climate change. USA TODAY, Just the FAQs What will life be like after we’ve…