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Matt Canavan suggested the cold snap means global warming isn’t real. We bust this and 2 other climate myths – The Conversation AU

Senator Matt Canavan sent many eyeballs rolling yesterday when he tweeted photos of snowy scenes in regional New South Wales with a sardonic two-word caption: “climate change”. Canavan, a renowned opponent of climate action and proponent of the coal industry,…

Brecon Beacons landslips rise ‘a clear climate change warning’ – BBC News

The pink-tinged water that may, on occasion, come out of the taps in thousands of homes that “looks like a mild rosé wine” is a tangible – and worrying – example of the impact global warming is already having on…

Seaweed Could be Food, Fuel, and Sustainable Material of the Future, Researchers Say

Australian scientists have been uncovering a near-unending list of ways kelp and other kinds of seaweed can help in the fight against climate change. It’s the continued study and harvesting of seaweed species in Australia that has Dr. Pia Winberg convinced they can play as large a role in human civilization as commodities like wheat, […]

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African rainforests still slowed climate change despite record heat and drought

(University of Leeds) Intact rainforests across tropical Africa continued to remove carbon from the atmosphere before and during the 2015-2016 El Niño, despite the extreme heat and drought. Theyl removed 1.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere during the El Niño monitoring period. This rate is equivalent to three times the carbon dioxide emissions of the UK in 2019. Scientists were surprised by this discovery.

Only 17 percent of free-flowing rivers are protected, new research shows

(Northern Arizona University) The research, published in special issue of Sustainability that was co-edited by NAU researchers, demonstrates that biodiversity commitments will be key to global freshwater protection.

Fevers are plaguing the oceans — and climate change is making them worse –

NEWS FEATURE 05 May 2021 Sudden marine heatwaves can devastate ecosystems, and scientists are scrambling to predict when they will strike. Giuliana Viglione Giuliana Viglione is a freelance journalist in Washington DC. Ten years ago, dead fish began washing ashore…

Photos of the supermoon, April 2021

The first of 2 supermoons in 2021 took place on April 26 or 27 (depending on your location on Earth). We received many wonderful submissions from you, our readers. Here’s a gallery of some favorites. Thanks to all who submitted!

Irish Farmer Stumbles Onto ‘Untouched’ Ancient Tomb of Stone Near Dingle

A farmer on Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula was surprised to find a stone-lined passageway beneath a rock he had turned over in his fields. Many stone tombs called “dolmans” are scattered across the peninsula, and this one seemed different. It appeared to pass under the ground and was in pristine condition. The tomb is lined with […]

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Possible life signs in the clouds of Venus

A new analysis of data from the 1978 Pioneer Venus mission, by researchers at Cal Poly Pomona, finds evidence not only for phosphine, but also possible chemical disequilibrium in Venus’ atmosphere, an additional possible sign of biological activity.