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Tesla Cybertruck vs. 2007 Apple iPhone — Breakthrough Product Parallels

Does the world need another Elon Musk/Steve Jobs comparison? I’ll leave that up to you to decide, dear readers (read on, or flit to the next flower). I assure you that only the most interesting, insightful, and incisive specimens of the genre are chronicled in these pages, and an unusual video by Admazing caught my editorial eye

A Rational Approach to Global Warming – Yahoo News

Bjorn Lomborg’s False Alarm (Basic Books, $20) does not “deny” the likelihood of global warming as set out in the United Nations’ Reports on Climate Change. Lomborg expresses belief in the U.N.’s central estimate of a temperature increase of 7.2…

Biden Touts Electric Corvettes While Firing Up Traditional Car

Presidential candidate Joe Biden (D) released a video on Wednesday featuring himself revving a hunter green Corvette Stingray — an American classic — while promising to move the country to electric vehicles. “I like to drive. I used to think…

Tesla Model X Knows How To Take A Hit (Video)

Sometimes, though, accidents simply cannot be avoided. You could be minding your own business when all hell comes crashing through your door and slamming you out of its way. This is literally what happened to the owner of a blue Tesla Model X as she waited at a red light

Does Climate Change Optimism Make You Pro-Trump?

My views on climate change—and, more generally, on humanity’s future—have never been stable. Depending on what I’m reading, and perhaps shifts in my neural weather, I ricochet between optimism and dread. Last spring I was feeling pretty glum about, well, everything when iconoclastic…