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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change conflict – The Pike County Courier

To the Editor: Coral reefs with colors like rainbows, fading into rain clouds on a gloomy evening. Stretching trees, standing tall with leaves as green as the rind of a ripe watermelon, just to become mounds of coal-black ash caused…

Abe Chen, Byton VP Of Security, On The Importance Of Security In Early Design Stages — #CleanTechnica Interview

Automotive open source securitySecurity seems to be a vague concept for most. With the constant flow of security breaches taking their toll on businesses, carmakers have no choice but to toughen up their security by reaching out to security firms. Modern mobility startups make it a priority by hiring security experts, hackers, and coders. Both approaches have their pros and cons

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