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VERMONT: State asks for flood resilience before awarding disaster aid

Vermont is offering cash to communities that reduce their risks of flooding. The idea is seen by experts as a modern policy to ensure that disaster funding is used to leverage stronger damage prevention against catastrophes in an age of climate change.


RACE FOR PRESIDENT: Cutting carbon in homes: ‘It is a head change for people’

The city of Montpelier in Vermont set an ambitious goal last year of making its operations carbon neutral by 2030. But standing in the way of that green dream are the realities of modern life — starting with a proposed parking garage.

Vermont's glorious fall foliage is in full swing

[embedded content] It’s hard to beat a trip to Vermont when the weather cools down and the leaves begin to change colors. This drone video by Armand Messier displays just how beautiful fall foliage can be in the Green Mountain…

Study finds managed forests in New Hampshire rich in carbon

(Dartmouth College) A Dartmouth-led study examining carbon stocks in an actively managed mixed wood forest in New Hampshire finds that places with more trees have more carbon stored in both the trees and the soil. The findings, published in Forest Ecology and Management, demonstrate the connection between above ground and below ground carbon, which has implications for forest management strategies.

​Yes, there is such a thing as climate grief

It’s depressing to think about what a climate hole we are in. (Photo: Lightspring/Shutterstock) The scope of the threat of climate change is widening. In addition to our planet, climate change is disrupting our mental health and emotional well-being. A…

Climate change study finds that maple syrup season may come earlier

(Dartmouth College) Once winter nights dip below freezing and the days warm up above freezing sap begins to flow in sugar maples marking the start of the syrup season. With climate change, daily temperatures are on the rise, which affects sap flow and sugar content. By 2100, the maple syrup season in eastern North America may be one month earlier than it was during 1950 and 2017, according to a study published in Forest Ecology and Management


If the world ran on sun, it wouldn’t fight over oil | Bill McKibben

We are sadly accustomed by now to the idea that our reliance on oil and gas causes random but predictable outbreaks of flood, firestorm and drought. The weekend’s news from the Gulf is a grim reminder that depending on oil…

Your 2019 fall foliage guide

As the temperature drops and autumn sets in, Mother Nature is painting the treetops in vibrant hues of red, orange and gold, and many people are planning their leaf-viewing vacations. created a prediction map for the year’s fall colors…

Bernie Wants To Prosecute Oil And Gas Execs, Not Sure What Laws They Broke

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is out with yet another climate proposal, this time to prosecute fossil fuel executives for causing climate change. In a tweet, the Vermont senator laid out his plan to go after certain energy companies. The…