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Scott administration floats a court challenge to the Global Warming Solutions Act –

Secretary of Administration Susanne Young is the chair of the new Vermont Climate Council, but says the Scott administration is considering a legal challenge to the Global Warming Solutions Act, the law that established the council. Photo by Mike Dougherty/VTDigger…


Could Bacteria Be the Key to Solving Plastic Recycling Headaches?

Think about the plastics in your home. You likely have several different kinds of the seven most common plastics in your cupboards and closets. From plastic juice bottles to detergent containers, your home has a lot of plastic in some stage of use. Once it’s empty, what happens? It’s just as likely that your waste […]


5 Tips For More Sustainable Home Lighting

In an older home, lighting fixtures are a leading cause of poor lighting, high electricity bills, and household waste. Whether it’s a stormy day and too dark to keep the lights off or it’s late at night and the sun set hours ago, you need the lights on, but it also drives up your electricity […]

Eco-Activists’ Well-Funded War On Pennsylvania’s Energy Industry

Summary: The Keystone State, an oil and natural gas powerhouse, is under siege by an alliance of well-organized, well-funded “green” activists. From cap-and-trade schemes meant to bleed ratepayers dry to fracking bans on one of Pennsylvania’s most vital industries, the…

Scientists shed new light on mechanisms of malaria parasite motility

New insight on the molecular mechanisms that allow malaria parasites to move and spread disease within their hosts has just been published. The first X-ray structures of the molecular complex that allows malaria parasites to spread disease highlight a novel target for antimalarial treatments.

Top Solar States Per Capita 2012 vs. 2020 — CleanTechnica Report

After digging into an old spreadsheet to create a new report on top solar power states per capita, it crossed my mind to compare the results from the first half of 2020 with the results from 2012, which is the last time I had published such a report before today

Top Solar Power States Per Capita — CleanTechnica Report

If you’ve been reading CleanTechnica long enough, you know that 8 to 10 years ago, I used to publish reports on solar power capacity per capita — for both US states and countries around the world. I’m returning to these, starting with this one on the top solar states

Can Scott’s Global Warming Solutions Act veto fuel Zuckerman’s challenge? –

Gov. Phil Scott, left, is ahead in the polls against Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, but will Scott’s veto of the Global Warming Solutions Act tip that balance? Photos by Mike Dougherty/VTDigger On the evening of Sept. 15, just after the…


New COVID test doesn’t use scarce reagents, catches all but the least infectious

Scientists have developed an accurate COVID-19 test doesn’t use scarce reagents, paving the way for wide testing in both developing countries and industrialized nations like the United States, where reagent supplies are again in short supply.