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Democrats’ Energy Policies Hurt Black Americans The Most

Both Democrat presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, have bowed to the demands of progressive activists by adopting extreme green energy policies that hurt black American voters. As a result, leaders of normally progressive/liberal civil rights organizations are…


Legal marijuana products too strong for pain relief

More than 90% of the legal marijuana products offered in medical dispensaries are much stronger than what clinical studies have shown that doctors recommend for chronic pain relief, according to a new study.

WaPo Fact Checker: Biden ‘Misspoke’ About His Fracking Ban

A Washington Post fact-checker ruled Thursday that Joe Biden hadn’t lied when he said he supported a fracking ban during Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate. Rather, Biden had simply “described his fracking stance inaccurately.” The Post gave Biden “Zero Pinocchios” for saying during the most recent Democratic debate that he…

Meet Dr. Jennifer Jenkins: Nobel Prize-winning scientist and bioenergy champion

In 2007, Dr. Jennifer Jenkins was part of a group of scientists, including former Vice President Al Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for their work on climate. Nine years later, she became vice president and chief sustainability officer…


EPA: Wary of Democratic victories, agency rushes to finish rules

EPA is scrambling to finalize as many rules as possible by the middle of May to prevent Democrats from undoing them if they take control of the Senate and White House next year, according to experts who follow the agency’s rulemakings.


CAMPAIGN 2020: Why climate voters made Biden the front-runner

Joe Biden won state after state last night as voters emphasized the importance of climate change. The former vice president edged out Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders among people who described global warming as a top concern.