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Want to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease? Try a vegetarian diet

About 600,00 people die every year from heart disease in the United States; that’s one in every four deaths. It is the leading cause of death for both men and women. To what do we owe this epidemic? Research published…

Why red meat raises your cancer risk

As with many health issues, the problem with red meat is sugar and the body’s reaction to a particular molecule. (Photo: Ronald Sarayudej [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr) Health experts have known for years that the consumption of red meat raises a…

The Dairy Alternative Divas At Daiya Are Capitalizing On Plant-Based Meats Going Mainstream

The Impossible Burger has gone mainstream with the introduction of Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, and Beyond Meat has even gone public. Daiya, the market leader in non-dairy cheeses, is seeing a carry-on effect from the recent public attention plant-based foods are getting, so we reached out to them to learn more

U.N. Nanny State: Give Up Meat To Save The Planet

Let’s face it: The UN wants to control every aspect of your life on Earth. Including the citizens of the US who are already under its thumb and don’t even realize it. Now the climate doomsters at the UN, aka…

The Irish Times view on the UN climate report: A global emergency – The Irish Times

Left unchecked, global warming will erode the capacity of land to support human life and impair food production across the planet, the UN has declared in its latest evaluation of climate disruption. While the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on…

Fewer cows, more trees and bioenergy

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Combatting global warming will require major changes in land use, a new climate change report says. One important change could be decreasing the amount of land used to produce livestock — which means that people would have to eat less meat.

We Must Become Vegans To Save the Planet, Claims UN-Backed Group

The World Resources Institute (WRI), which is supported in part by the U.N., is encouraging humans to give up eating meat. Doing so, they believe, will not only help with food supplies but will also combat climate change. Become a…


We must change food production to save the world, says leaked report

Attempts to solve the climate crisis by cutting carbon emissions from only cars, factories and power plants are doomed to failure, scientists will warn this week. A leaked draft of a report on climate change and land use, which is…