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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


A Toxic Stew on Cape Cod: Human Waste and Warming Water – The New York Times

MASHPEE, Mass. — Ashley K. Fisher walked to the edge of the boat, pulled on a pair of thick black waders, and jumped into the river to search for the dead. She soon found them: the encrusted remains of ribbed…

Tiny Vanuatu Uses Its ‘Unimportance’ to Launch Big Climate Ideas

Nikenike Vurobaravu presides over a tiny country with a large hand in climate diplomacy. Rising sea levels threaten the very existence of his Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu and its population of just over 300,000 people. Its best defense, he…

How China, the world’s top polluter, avoids paying for climate damage – The Washington Post

Comment on this story Comment Gift Article In 1992, the United Nations classified China as a developing country, as hundreds of millions of its citizens lived in poverty. A lot has changed since then: China is now the world’s second-largest…

Guest Post: COP27: one big breakthrough but ultimately an inadequate response to the climate crisis

Photo by IISD/ENB Matt McDonald, The University of Queensland For 30 years, developing nations have fought to establish an international fund to pay for the “loss and damage” they suffer as a result of climate change. As the COP27 climate…

Multinationals opening new gas sites, despite climate change warnings – FRANCE 24 English

Although scientists keep insisting that the planet needs to move away from its dependence on oil, gas and coal to effectively combat climate change, hydrocarbon development projects continue to emerge. Several countries, cities and NGOs are calling for a non-proliferation…

Legal Avenues to Fight Climate Change – IPI Global Observatory

In a landmark legal battle brought by the Dutch arm of the Friends of the Earth environmental organization against Shell in The Hague, the Netherlands on May 26, 2021, the energy giant was ordered to rein in its carbon emissions….

Fossil Awards to Egypt for a weak cover text and Israel for greenwashing

The Fossil awards on Solutions Day go to not one, but two countries. Both Egypt and Israel were nominated for being the worst today. Egypt for its extremely weak first drafts of the Cover text: the decision of the COP….

Tracking Australian Ministers and Australian pledges at COP27

Well I tracked Australian Ministers at Previous COPs, so only fair I also do so for COP27.  See Melissa Price at COP24, Angus Taylor at COP25. For Glasgow I started keeping an Australia at COP26 diary which featured a paragraph by paragraph…

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