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The legend of Utah bobcat Mr. Murderbritches

[embedded content] A video featuring a viral star from 2018 has resurfaced, and the legend of his name still resonates with fans of wildlife and felines on the internet. A 4- to 6-month-old bobcat in Utah earned the nickname “Mr….

The ongoing rehabilitation of Michael Vick

The NFL recently announced that Michael Vick will be one of the captains in the 2020 Pro Bowl in January. During his 13-year career, the quarterback spent six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and five with the Philadelphia Eagles before…

A Path to a Great Career, with a NAPA Apprenticeship Program

Learn how the accredited, paid technician program could help you set your career in motion. In the wake of a nationwide technician shortage, auto care centers are finding it hard to recruit and retain qualified auto techs. “When we would…


Forests face climate change tug of war

Increased carbon dioxide allows plants to photosynthesize more and use less water. But warmer temperatures drive plants to use more water and photosynthesize less. So, which force, CO2 fertilization or heat stress, wins this climate tug of war? It depends on whether forests and trees are able to adapt to their new environment.

Climate Extremism In The Age Of Disinformation

Do the global warming wars ever change anyone’s mind? I suppose there are a few people whose minds have been changed. As I recall, Judith Curry has said Climategate (now “celebrating” its 10-year anniversary) was her wake-up call that institutionalized…

To save biodiversity, scientists suggest ‘mega-conservation’

(S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources, Utah State University) While the conservation of charismatic creatures like pandas, elephants and snow leopards are important in their own right, there may be no better ecological bang-for-our-buck than a sound, science-based effort to save widespread keystone systems. And the majestic aspens could be a perfect start for such an endeavor.

House Dems Block GOP Effort To Prevent Nationwide Fracking Ban

House Democrats blocked Tuesday consideration of a resolution in support of hydraulic fracturing as Republicans sought to protect the U.S. energy boom from Democratic presidential candidates seeking to ban fracking nationwide. The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Rob Bishop, Utah Republican,…

A Career Boost and a Clear Path, with NAPA’s Apprenticeship Program

Mason Pavlides is the second apprentice to join the program, which offers mentoring, tools, online training and more. As a former stage hand for major musical acts and Quick Lube Technician at McNeil’s NAPA Auto Care in Sandy, Utah, Mason…

The Span Panel Puts Control Into The Hands Of Homeowners

We talked to the folks at Span about the launch of the Span Panel last week, then jumped on a plane to Solar Power International 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah to experience it first-hand. We found that not only did it look far better in person, it had way more tricks up its sleeves than the initial launch let on. We’re back again to unpack the home-changing Span Panel with all of its exciting features we learned about at SPI and to talk through a few risks that come along with it

Solar, Storage, & EV Charging: The Holy Trinity Of Home Energy Management At #SPI2019

Solar Power International landed in Salt Lake City, Utah this year and CleanTechnica was on the ground meeting with the change makers, the disruptors, the doers, the movers, and the shakers. We’ve been diving into some of the companies we talked with, but having covered SPI for several years now, we wanted to highlight one of the newer arrivals at the show: electric vehicles