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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Ray Buursma: Little hope for addressing global warming –

Failing to acknowledge the problem Most of us know the tale of the teacher who placed a frog in a pan of water for his students to observe. The water was cool, just the right temperature for the frog. Then…

Renewables Aren’t Always Green—Here’s Why

The Biden Administration and the European Union have launched unprecedented and far-reaching policies to promote the use of renewable energy and low carbon-emitting energy. While commonly people use the terms renewable and green interchangeably, they are in fact not similar…

A 1967 solar storm nearly caused a nuclear war

The U.S. Air Force began preparing for war on May 23, 1967, thinking that the Soviet Union had jammed a set of American surveillance radars. But instead the powerful 1967 solar storm was to blame.

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Environment Ministry to get extra NIS 625 million to fight climate change – The Times of Israel

The two-year state budget approved by ministers on Monday includes for the first time a special allocation of NIS 625 million (nearly $195 million) to fight climate change. The complex 2021-2022 national budget must now pass through committee stages and…

Heat and wind in Oregon are fueling the nation’s largest wildfire. – The New York Times

Extreme Weather and Climate Updates Aug. 3, 2021Updated  Aug. 3, 2021, 4:51 p.m. ET Aug. 3, 2021, 4:51 p.m. ET Firefighters worked to contain the Bootleg Fire near Silver Lake, Ore., last week. It has burned more than 400,000 acres…

Lack of transatlantic cooperation on trade threatens global climate change goals | TheHill – The Hill

Policymakers in the European Union (EU) and the U.S. have separately introduced legislative plans to tax imported goods based on the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted in their production. Though uncoordinated, both border carbon adjustment (BCA) proposals aim to curtail the…

China, India And 85 Nations Snub U.N. Deadline To Update CO2-Reduction Targets

In a warning shot across the bows of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, China, India, and 85 other nations have decided to ignore a UN deadline to submit its pledges for cutting CO2 emissions in time for the UN climate…

It’s time to institute a climate change reparations fund – Mint

Around the world, we have had one of the worst ever summers in terms of extreme weather events. Unprecedented floods in western Germany and Belgium, drought and wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, flash floods in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou,…

This Simple Word Test Reveals How Creative You Are, Without Using Judgements of Others

Creativity is hard to define, and even more difficult to measure, but a new four-minute test is creating an easy and elegant way to at least measure one of the most common characteristics of this very human trait. The test is simple, and consists of one question with ten answers: Can you think of two […]

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Boris’s Gas Boiler Ban Will Bankrupt Britain

Boris Johnson is reportedly considering granting the humble gas boiler an extra five-year stay of execution. We will now have to get rid of our trusty combi gas boilers and oil-fired central heating systems by 2040. From then on, we…

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