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Don’t Get Fooled By The Media’s Crafty Coverage Of Cold Weather

Parts of the River Thames in London froze recently following subzero temperatures across the UK. The last time this happened was in 1963. The Netherlands shivered at minus 20 degrees Celsius. Across the Atlantic, Americans experienced extreme February snowfall, causing…

Climate change vs agriculture: Can one farming method—conventional, organic or agroecology—help slow global warming? – Genetic Literacy Project

Climate change and agriculture appear joined at the hip. Agriculture—through methane, carbon dioxide, and land use—has had an impact on the global climate. And climate change—through drought, heat, and pests—will have an impact on agriculture, reducing yields and making farming…

Don’t censor global warming discussion | Opinions –

To the editor: Much has been in the news about global warming now called climate change, and the harm it could cause. President Joe Biden wants to spend $3 trillion in an attempt to solve the problem. AOC’s Green New…

Energy switching decisions could widen social inequalities

(University of Leeds) New energy tariffs designed for a low carbon future could leave people on bad deals even worse off. The tariffs could benefit all kinds of customers, but many people are unlikely to choose them. Those likely to adopt them first are younger, with higher incomes and higher education.

Assessing the aggregate and spatial economic impact of global warming | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal –

The effects of climate change are heterogenous across space. While some regions will be significantly negatively impacted, others may benefit from warmer temperatures. This column uses an integrated assessment model with rich spatial data that looks at interactions between regions…

Gas-guzzlers have to die to save planet from climate change – Los Angeles Times

The numbers paint a daunting picture. In 2019, consumers worldwide bought 64 million new personal cars and 27 million new commercial motor vehicles, a paltry 2.1 million of which were electric-powered. Climate scientists tell us that we have less than…

In stopping climate change, time is as important as tech | Greenbiz – GreenBiz

This article originally appeared on the author’s personal blog, and was written in that capacity. Italics are the author’s. The only sure path to stop climate change is to zero out greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. That’s it. As…

Hotter, drier, CRISPR: editing for climate change

(University of Queensland) Just 15 plant crops provide 90 per cent of the world’s food calories. A review of genome editing technologies published in Theoretical and Applied Genetics states gene editing technology could play a vital role to play in climate-proofing future crops to protect global food security. The review recommends integrating CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing into modern breeding programs for crop improvement in cereals.

‘Overwhelming’ international support for more government action on environment, message-testing experiment finds

(University of Cambridge) – Survey experiment across UK, US, Brazil, India, China, Indonesia and Poland finds “overwhelming” support for more action ahead of COP26. – Research finds strong support in each country for policies to “protect and preserve” wildlife, plant trees, and invest in clean technologies. – In the run-up to COP26, Cambridge researchers say: “We face huge challenges protecting the environment, but global public opinion may no longer be chief among them.”