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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Climate Change and Human Activity Erode Egypt’s Treasured Antiquities

LUXOR, Egypt — When Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s glittering tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings 100 years ago, he was living in a mud-brick house surrounded by desert so dry it had preserved the tombs, mummies and towering temples…

Need to Cut Down on Air-Craft Industry to Contain Global warming!! – The Statesman

Vehicular emission has been considered as the main culprit of air pollution, but not anymore. With the expected passenger rise of 8.2 billion by 2025 and the expected industry revenues of $498 billion by 2022, there is a growing concern…

Can These Rocks Help Rein in Climate Change? – Eos

The world’s oceans play a key role in sucking up carbon from the atmosphere. Until anthropogenic carbon emissions began on a mass scale with the Industrial Revolution, ocean carbon uptake was one part of a land-ocean-atmosphere juggling act that kept…

Surprise Finding Shows More Planets Could Contain Water –Which Supports Life– Than Previously Believed

Water is the one thing all life on Earth needs, and the cycle of rain to river to ocean to rain is an essential part of what keeps our planet’s climate stable and hospitable. When scientists talk about where to search for signs of life throughout the galaxy, planets with water are always at the […]

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Pace of Climate Change Sends Economists Back to Drawing Board – The New York Times

Economists have been examining the impact of climate change for almost as long as it’s been known to science. In the 1970s, the Yale economist William Nordhaus began constructing a model meant to gauge the effect of warming on economic…

Study on underwater methane release raises climate fears – The Washington Post

Listen 9 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article A group of scientists this week said they have discovered new evidence of how methane deposits stored deep in the seafloor can break free — and they are now trying…

The Fervent Debate Over the Best Way to Confront Global Warming – Undark Magazine

In the late 1950s, Ian Burton, then a geographer at the University of Chicago, learned about a troubling conundrum with levees. These expensive and engineering-intensive strategies — which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers favored for reining in floods along…

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