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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Without swift action on climate change, heat waves could kill thousands in U.S. cities – NBC News

If global warming sometimes seems like a distant or abstract threat, new research casts the phenomenon in stark, life-or-death terms. It predicts that in the absence of significant progress in efforts to curb emissions of temperature-raising greenhouse gases, extreme heat…


Episode 176: Investors dive into water risks, IKEA’s low-carbon shipping manifest

In this episode, Ceres director of investor engagement Monika Frayman chats about why the investment community is scrutinizing corporate water strategy. Plus, IKEA’s Angela Hultberg ponders the company’s early experiences with electric vehicles and last-mile delivery.

Light-powered nano-organisms consume carbon dioxide, create eco-friendly plastics and fuels

Researchers have developed nanobio-hybrid organisms capable of using airborne carbon dioxide and nitrogen to produce a variety of plastics and fuels, a promising first step toward low-cost carbon sequestration and eco-friendly manufacturing for chemicals.