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Celebrating our genomic diversity: Fine-scale differences in the Japanese population

(Osaka University) The Japanese population has long been thought of as genetically homogeneous as a result of limited population mixing. However, an international research team led by Osaka University used novel machine-learning techniques to identify subtle genetic differences within the Japanese population. Regionality was identified among the sub-populations, reflecting the linguistic and cultural differences between regions in Japan. These minute genomic differences were shown to impact genetic prediction of human disease, with implications for personalized medicine.

Will Social Distancing Push More People To Buy Cars Online?

Image: A Tesla Model 3 on show at a Shopping Centre in the United Kingdom. Picture by Keith KuhudzaiElon Musk’s announcement early last year that Tesla was going to closes its stores and shift to all online sales was met with mixed reactions with most people being shocked to hear about the change. Tesla later reversed this decision, opting instead to close only a handful of underperforming stores. In an article covering the [&hellip


Fear Of (Everybody Else) Flying

Just over a year ago, newly elected U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and U.S. Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) shocked the world by proposing a Green New Deal. One of its more controversial provisions was a proposal to build high-speed rail…

Improving success of giraffe translocations

(Penn State) In two new studies, an international team of researchers identifies the ideal composition of a group of giraffes to be translocated for conservation purposes and provides guidelines for all aspects of the translocation process.

Greta Thunberg Warns World: ‘Bad News…Change Is Coming’

Greta Thunberg did not mince words at a climate change march on Friday, condemning her parents’ generation for asking young people to “clean up” the environment. The 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, who has made a number of high-profile appearances around…

Take a visual tour through England's Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park is situated along the coast in northwest England. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was designated a national park in 1951 and hosts more than 23 million visitors a year. It includes several tall peaks for daring…

The Mad Rush To Electric Vehicles

Tesla’s stock market value is already bigger than Ford and General Motors combined, says a report in Forbes magazine. Elon Musk’s company had already received nearly $5 billion in federal subsidies by 2015, helping him amass a net worth of…

What is the 'windshield phenomenon'?

Seeing dead bugs on a windshield isn’t a welcome sight, but maybe it should be. Seeing fewer of them is an anecdotal sign that bugs may be in trouble. Dubbed the “windshield phenomenon,” the term gained traction in 2017 following…