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UK tops list for fossil fuel sites in nature protected areas

Fossil fuel extraction and exploration is taking place at almost 3,000 sites in protected areas around the world, analysis has revealed, with the UK having the highest number of fossil fuel sites in protected areas. Globally, the activities affect more…

Extreme Global Warming May Reduce Ocean’s Ability To Absorb Carbon Dioxide – Nature World News

According to one study, intense global warming could reduce the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide, resulting in accelerated global warming as the greenhouse gas accumulates in the atmosphere. The decline is caused by a surface layer of low-alkalinity water…

Twenty-five trailblazing women leading the fight against climate change – Reuters

March 7 – With so many extraordinary women engaged in the battle against climate change, the biggest task in compiling Reuters Impact’s list of trailblazing women for International Women’s Day was whittling down our long list to only 25. We…

Revealed: 1,000 super-emitting methane leaks risk triggering climate tipping points

More than 1,000 “super-emitter” sites gushed the potent greenhouse gas methane into the global atmosphere in 2022, the Guardian can reveal, mostly from oil and gas facilities. The worst single leak spewed the pollution at a rate equivalent to 67m…

Could volcanos hold key to climate crisis? Scientists are spilt – Al Jazeera English

Taipei, Taiwan – At opposite ends of Southeast Asia, researchers Pornampai Narenpitak and Heri Kuswanto are both working on the same problem: Is it possible to mimic the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions to halt global warming? Using computer modelling…

An Army of 10,000 Women Saved India’s Rarest Stork – While Giving Each Other a New identity

Changing attitudes towards conservation in the Indian state of Assam have these women wearing paper-mache hats to support one of the world’s most endangered storks. Once reviled for their foul smell, carrion-filled diet, and unhandsome appearance, the greater adjutant has become a welcomed member of communities where it was once killed as a pest thanks […]

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Death in the marshes: environmental calamity hits Iraq’s unique wetlands

Small gangs of buffaloes sat submerged in green and muddy waters. Their back ridges rose over the surface like a chain of black islets, spanning the Toos River, a tributary of the Tigris that flows into the Huwaiza marshes in…

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