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John Kerry: China’s Human Rights Abuses Won’t Stop Any Climate Deals

On Thursday, U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry said he was “not confident,” but “hopeful” China would do their part to reduce global carbon emissions. In an interview with India Today‘s Raj Chengappa during a diplomatic trip to India, Kerry expressed his doubts about…

As Russia Fortifies Ukraine Border, Kerry Talks Climate With Foreign Minister

John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s special representative on climate change, met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday for an impromptu meeting on “the climate agenda” in India. The meeting occurred as Russian troops and weaponry continue to amass…

Germany urges EU to engage with Russia on climate change – Financial Times

Germany has called for greater co-operation with Russia on climate change in a contentious new effort to restore frayed EU ties with Moscow. The European bloc should develop a “concrete and detailed strategy” on global warming as part of a…

Propaganda Minister Colbert: Green New Deal ‘Bold’, Nuclear Energy Poison

CBS’s Late Show host Stephen Colbert has been less a late-night comedian and more a radical Democrat for quite a while. So it’s not shocking that even Bill Gates wasn’t radical enough for Colbert. The Microsoft co-founder appeared on CBS Monday…

‘World’s Most Dangerous Malware’ Emotet Taken Down in International Cyber Crime Effort

Perhaps the world’s most infamous phishing racket, the Emotet malware network has been taken down by police, sparing people around the globe millions of dollars in data-theft and computer, software, and network maintenance fees. In what was the cyber-equivalent to a massive international police raid, the governments of the US, UK, Canada, Lithuania, Holland, France, […]

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Methane emissions from coal mines are higher than previously thought

(DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) Methane emissions from coal mines are likely higher than previously calculated, because of emissions from abandoned mines and higher content in deep coal seams.

Just How Accurate Are Weather And Climate Measurements?

The accuracy and integrity of weather and climate measurements have always been a concern. However, errors and omissions were not as consequential in the past as they are now. A hundred or even fifty years ago, our major weather concerns…

Nature is widely adapted to current climate — making it harder to adjust to a new one

To do the right thing at the right time, organisms need to glean cues from their environment. With ongoing climate change, the timing of these cues, like the accumulation of warm days, is rapidly shifting. Now a network of researchers working on an unprecedentedly large dataset of seasonal events has shown that the timing of species’ activity fail to keep up with their cues, and that how quickly activity shifts reflects past evolution.