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NASA-NOAA satellite finds Tropical Cyclone Gelena sheared

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Wind shear can push tropical cyclones apart and satellite imagery from NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite revealed that is what is happening to Tropical Cyclone Gelena in the Southern Indian Ocean.

NASA catches the 1-day life of Tropical Cyclone Neil

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Tropical Cyclone Neil had a short life in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. It developed on Feb. 9 and dissipated on Feb. 10. NASA’s Aqua satellite captured an image of the storm that developed even while battling wind shear.

New research, January 28 – February 3, 2019

Posted on 8 February 2019 by Ari Jokimäki A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. Climate change impacts  Mankind Historical Analysis of U.S. Tornado Fatalities (1808-2017): Population, Science and Technology (open access) Climate Change and Psychology: Effects…

Global Warming Made 2018 Temps Historically Hot – CityLab

This story was originally published by The Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Global temperatures in 2018 were the fourth warmest on record, U.S. government scientists have confirmed, adding to a stretch of five…

Doomsday by 2021?

The Doomsday Clock, by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, constitutes a potent symbol of the danger we’re in. When taking the ‘minutes to midnight’ from statements 1991 to 2018, an added trend points at Midnight by 2021. Will it…

Hurricane Moderation

Hurricane Moderation By Stephen Salter The formation of a hurricane depends on many factors, including atmospheric water vapour, distance from the equator and the recent history of wind patterns. But an essential requirement is a high sea surface temperature. To…