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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Al Gore on his hopes for the planet: “Job number one is to stop using the sky as an open sewer” – CBS News

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which are helping warm the planet, increased by 6.2% last year as the economy rebounded after pandemic lockdowns—fueled by a rise in coal-generated power and pollution from trucking.  Former Vice President Al Gore has been warning about…

Photo of Paralyzed Man Cleaning Plastic From India River Goes Viral –And He’s Showered With Gifts to Better His Life

A passion for photography has always possessed this young engineer from Kerala, India. Now he knows there was a purpose, after a photo he took while walking around his village ended up changing a man’s life and getting a shout-out from India’s prime minister. Carrying around a rented camera searching for stories, Nandu Ks found […]

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Q&A: Labor’s Mark Butler says climate debate should be put aside amid bushfires

Shadow climate change minister Mark Butler issued a plea last night to set aside public debates about climate change while communities were fighting for their lives and homes in the face of unprecedented bushfires. Speaking at the beginning of ABC…

Cover the climate crisis like it is one – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Last month’s heat wave broke records across Europe. This map shows land-surface temperatures on June 26. White areas in the image are where clouds obscured readings, and light blue patches represent either low temperatures at the top of a cloud…

Is it time to retire ‘climate change’ for ‘climate crisis’? – Grist

Get your daily dose of good news from Grist Subscribe to The Beacon The phrase “climate change” doesn’t cut it anymore, according to a growing group of media organizations. The reasoning? Climate change and global warming are too neutral, too…


‘I’m no longer alone’: readers on how the climate movement has affected them

The last week has seen environmental activist Greta Thunberg meet with MPs in London, Extinction Rebellion disrupt cities and the BBC air David Attenborough’s rousing Climate Change: The Facts documentary. It feels like we’ve reached a pivotal moment in the…


Storms, cyclones and floods will only worsen as the planet warms | Letters

The disaster to hit Mozambique is reported as one of the worst tropical cyclones to visit the southern hemisphere, with hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands more needing urgent assistance. I note the Guardian was the only major newspaper to…

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