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Supreme Court takes on early stage of global warming case – Seattle Times

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed cautious about siding with oil and gas companies in a case involving global warming. The case the court was hearing is not about whether the companies can be held responsible for…


Biden to ‘hit ground running’ as he rejoins Paris climate accords

Joe Biden is set for a flurry of action to combat the climate crisis on his first day as US president by immediately rejoining the Paris climate agreement and blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, although experts have warned lengthier, and…


The biggest Coalition conspiracy theory is climate change denial | Greg Jericho

Nasa announced this week that 2020 – a year which included a La Niña event normally associated with lower temperatures – was the hottest year on record. It was also the week in which the Morrison government used racist tropes…


TRANSITION: Biden adds 6 policy experts to his climate team

President-elect Joe Biden is rounding out his White House climate team with policy hands who’ve spent the Trump era defending climate regulations, engineering new policy and campaigning on the issue.


EPA: Trump leaves ‘banana peel’ for Biden climate team

Two years ago, EPA officials proposed relaxing Obama-era carbon regulations on new power plants after arguing that the rules relied on unready technology and would cripple the coal-fired power industry.


WHITE HOUSE: Racing to build wall of climate denial before Trump exits

A climate denier working under the purview of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is attempting to publish cherry-picked and inaccurate research so that it can be permanently archived as a government record.

How will the U.S. space program fare under Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is the United States presidential election winner, but his plans for NASA remain unclear. And while citizens digest the election results, the space industry is left wondering what comes next.

Our Best Chance to Slow Global Warming Comes in the Next Nine Years – The New Yorker

Subscribers to The Climate Crisis newsletter received this piece in their in-boxes. Sign up to receive future installments. The events of the past few days are shocking in their novelty—the glory of seeing the first Black Democrat ever elected to…