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Can a pandemic aid the fight against global warming? | TheHill – The Hill

One cannot help but look back nostalgically to a time when we thought the biggest crisis facing humanity would evolve over many years. How quickly concerns have changed. In a matter of months, the nation has been forced to commit…

Bernie Calls Climate Change Our ‘Greatest Challenge’ Amid Pandemic

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) declared the “climate crisis” the “greatest challenge facing humanity” on Thursday, as millions of Americans — and billions of people across the globe — attempt to rebuild and economically recover from the ravages of the Chinese…


ARMY CORPS: Agency pursues few ‘natural’ flood projects — report

The Army Corps of Engineers has made limited use of natural infrastructure for flood control despite pressure from Congress to develop features such as wetlands and reefs instead of levees and flood walls, a new government report says.


PANDEMIC: Former FEMA chief questions Trump’s handling of COVID-19 aid

A former administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency told members of Congress that he is bewildered that the Trump administration has not approved dozens of requests by states for disaster aid to help people beset by the COVID-19 pandemic.


FEMA: Agency official nods at flood disclosure effort

An official with the Federal Emergency Management Agency signaled support for policies backed by climate advocates that would require a property’s flood risk to be disclosed before it’s sold.

We Need Cleaner Cars To Avoid Dangerous Climate Change

The Trump administration seems not to care that we are headed toward climate catastrophe with carbon dioxide pollution driving global average temperatures up some 6 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and rendering places that hundreds of millions of people call home virtually unlivable. This monumental disregard for human health and well-being underpins the administration’s senseless rollback of clean car and fuel economy standards, being published today in the Federal Register


CAMPAIGN 2020: Greens urge Biden to ditch adviser Larry Summers

Climate activists and other liberal groups are demanding that Joe Biden sever ties with informal campaign adviser Larry Summers, a deregulatory figure of the Clinton and Obama administrations whom they view as an obstacle to progressive reform.


PANDEMIC: ‘Global exit strategy.’ Scientists discuss vaccines, climate

Members of the National Academy of Sciences were told in their annual meeting over the weekend that if world leaders don’t agree on efforts to promptly contain the coronavirus, it foretells bad omens when wrestling with other international threats, like climate change.


ADAPTATION: FEMA should remove 1M homes from flood zones — report

The U.S. could save more than $1 trillion over the long term by removing roughly 1 million homes from flood-prone areas and relocating residents to higher ground, according to a massive new study funded by the government.