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Huge Indigenous Solar Farm Opens in Remote Northern Community: ‘We work with the sun for the children of the future’

Canada’s largest indigenous-owned solar farm has just been opened in the Northern Alberta community of Fort Chipewyan. Supplying 2.2 megawatts of solar electricity for three First Nations tribes, it will decrease the reliance of the community on the diesel-fired plant that has supplied them for decades. Jointly owned by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, the […]

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New technique seamlessly converts ammonia to green hydrogen

(Northwestern University) Northwestern University researchers have developed a highly effective, environmentally friendly method for converting ammonia into hydrogen. The new technique is a major step forward for enabling a zero-pollution, hydrogen-fueled economy. The idea of using ammonia as a carrier for hydrogen delivery has gained traction in recent years because ammonia is much easier to liquify than hydrogen and is therefore much easier to store and transport. Northwestern’s technological breakthrough overcomes several existing barriers to the production of clean hydrogen from ammonia.

New strategy to ‘buffer’ climate change: developing cheaper, eco-friendly solar cells

(Incheon National University) Solar power is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional, non-renewable sources of energy. However, current solar panels require the use of toxic materials as buffers, which is not sustainable. To this end, a team of scientists in Korea developed a new eco-friendly alternative, called the ZTO buffer, which can overcome this limitation. This new development to make solar panels even more sustainable is indeed a cherry on top.

What Life Will Look Like Without Fossil Fuels And Reliable Energy

Most of the world’s population is already living without the products and fuels from petroleum, while the healthier and wealthier countries are focusing efforts to reduce their emissions from the use of fossil fuels, natural gas, and coal with extensive…

Reduction of environmental pollutants for prevention of cardiovascular disease

(Dpt of Cardiology – University Medical Center Mainz) A group of international scientists summarized the epidemiologic and mechanistic evidence in support of an association between noise and air pollution with cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and recommended comprehensive mitigation measures.

A Woman Warned GM about Warming, But Men Didn’t Listen – Scientific American

A General Motors scientist who conducted pioneering research on climate change in the 1960s says she faced sexism that made it difficult to do her job. Ruth Reck’s allegations raise questions about whether GM executives dismissed or downplayed her findings…


Could Bacteria Be the Key to Solving Plastic Recycling Headaches?

Think about the plastics in your home. You likely have several different kinds of the seven most common plastics in your cupboards and closets. From plastic juice bottles to detergent containers, your home has a lot of plastic in some stage of use. Once it’s empty, what happens? It’s just as likely that your waste […]

INVESTIGATION: Exclusive: GM, Ford knew about climate change 50 years ago – E&E News

First story in an investigation. Read the second story here. Scientists at two of America’s biggest automakers knew as early as the 1960s that car emissions caused climate change, a monthslong investigation by E&E News has found. The discoveries by…