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Lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash

Scientists are using high-energy pulses of electricity to turn any source of carbon into turbostratic graphene in an instant. The process promises environmental benefits by turning waste into valuable graphene that can then strengthen concrete and other composite materials.

We just got a treasure trove of photos of the 'dark' side of the moon

It may seem like we always know what’s on the moon’s mind. After all, clouds permitting, we see the same face almost every night — sometimes winking, sometimes frowning and sometimes waxing downright ominous. But there’s another side to our…

Today in science: Voyager 2 met Uranus

Voyager 2 swept closest to Uranus on this day 34 years ago. During its visit, the spacecraft sent data that revealed 2 new planetary rings, 10 new moons, radiation belts, and a very unusual magnetic field.

Black rock from Vesuvius eruption is actually someone's super-heated brain

A glassy black rock found inside the charred skull of an unfortunate victim of the Mount Vesuvius eruption has turned out to be a 2,000-year-old vitrified human brain, reports The remarkable finding is a testament to just how swift…

Ancient stardust in meteorite is older than Earth

Grains of stardust – particles left behind by star explosions – in an Australian meteorite are now the oldest known material on Earth. A new study suggests this stardust came to be long before our sun ever existed.

Gold bar found in Mexico City park was an Aztec treasure looted by conquistadors

Imagine strolling through a popular city park and having a glint of gold catch your eye, and discovering an ancient gold bar half-buried in the dirt. Apparently, this can actually happen to you in Mexico City. Back in 1981, one…

13 of the most heartwarming pet stories of the decade

From amazing puppy rescues to grumpy feral cats, the decade was filled with wonderful pet stories that will warm your heart. We had a hard time choosing our favorites, but here’s just a sampling of some of the sweetest pet…

Don’t miss these cyclones on Jupiter, and more

The Juno spacecraft’s last perijove – or closest point to Jupiter – resulted in a treasure trove of images. Its next perijove is coming up on December 26. Get updated here, and view Juno’s latest amazing images.

How safe are edible, homemade gifts?

After one too many tacky ties or too-small sweaters, a gift of homemade jam or salsa can be a welcome respite from the overconsumption that permeates this time of year. But whether it’s chutney, relish, pickles, condiments or nut butters,…