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Drought reveals 'Spanish Stonehenge'

It all depends on the water level. If there’s been plenty of rain, there’s nothing out of the ordinary to be seen in the Valdecañas Reservoir in the province of Cáceres, Spain. But as conditions start to dry up, the…

Did underground explosions create Titan’s lakes?

The lakes on Saturn’s moon Titan are filled with liquid methane, not water, and some are surrounded by steep rims. A new study suggests these features might have been caused by explosions of warming nitrogen, which created Titan’s lake basins long ago.

Using artificial intelligence to track birds’ dark-of-night migrations

(University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Cornell University have unveiled a machine learning system called ‘MistNet’ to extract bird data from the radar record and to take advantage of the treasure trove of bird migration information in the decades-long radar data archives.

8 captivating facts about spider silk

Spiderwebs rarely make a good first impression. Even if you aren’t one of the insects they’re designed to capture, a sudden coating of silk on your face can be annoying, and possibly alarming if you don’t know where the spider…

Bearcam Week in Review August 16, 2019

Hi and welcome to our weekly Bear Cam blog. We will be publishing this blog every week with a review of the previous weeks Bear Cam highlights. Brought to you by your bear cam Mods, LaniH and GABear. This weeks…

What Worries Iceland? A World Without Ice. It Is Preparing. – The New York Times

HÖFN, Iceland — From the offices of the fishing operation founded by his family two generations ago, Adalsteinn Ingólfsson has watched the massive Vatnajökull glacier shrink year after year. Rising temperatures have already winnowed the types of fish he can…

Perseid meteor shower: What you need to know

The annual Perseid meteor shower, known for its prolific offering of “shooting stars,” is expected to be a bit muted in 2019. Unlike last year (shown below), when there were as many as 80 meteors per hour, the display will…