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News about Climate Change and our Planet


At 2022 World Cup, the global game will meet global warming – The Washington Post

(Do the words “existential threat” mean anything to you? I have been inspired by the 16-year-old Swede, Greta Thunberg; it’s time to get up, get out and shout about something other than College Football Playoff rankings.) Qatar is hot, baby….

East Coast of Australia literally on fire, #bushfires driven by global heating

The east coast of Australia is literally on fire, in early November, with bushfires spread up and down the east coast of Australia, particularly New South Wales. This is not normal for early November. Fire conditions are exacerbated by the…

Inside one man's quest to grow and forage 100% of his food for an entire year

Rob Greenfield is a man on many missions. He has biked barefoot across the country on a bicycle made out of bamboo, he lived a year without showering to promote water conservation, and most recently, he has been putting down…

Look at the long and winding path your food takes to get to your plate

Unless you grow your food in your backyard or get everything from the neighborhood farmers market, most of what you consume has to travel a long way to get to you. Whether it’s fruits and vegetables, grains, meats or processed…

Researchers find 'alarming' loss of insects in large-scale study in Germany

Insects are in more trouble than we thought. A large-scale study has found that insects in German forests and grasslands have declined by about one-third in just the past decade. That follows on the heels of a 27-year study that…

Giant planet HR 5183b would look 15 times brighter than Venus

Contrary to previous thought, a giant planet in a wild orbit doesn’t mean there can’t be an Earth-like planet in the same system. What’s more, the view from that Earth-like world as its giant neighbor moves past would be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Voyager 2 sends back insights on interstellar space

Voyager 2 left the realm of the sun’s influence a year ago today, becoming the 2nd craft ever to do so. This week, the journal Nature Astronomy published 5 new papers describing what Voyager 2 has been seeing on its journey into the unknown.