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14 apps to help you live a more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle

So you’ve made the choice to start living more sustainably. That’s great! Figuring out how to start can be daunting, but luckily technology is here to help.  These handy resources can fit in your pocket and serve as a reminder to continue your journey towards a more sustainable, greener life–whether you’re an experienced advocate for sustainability or just starting out. Forest Forest lets you combine mindfulness, productivity and focus with real-life tree planting. By not checking…

Chinese Citizens Are Protesting The World’s Worst Polluter: China

…Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, is the seventh-largest city in China, with 10 million residents. Sitting on the bank of Yangtze River, it has long served as an important harbor, a commercial and industrial center in central China….


Heatwave roasts mussels alive in California

An unusual heatwave sent droves of Californians to the
beach, where they were met with hundreds of other unfamiliar beach-goers –
cooked mussels. Consecutive days of 90 degree weather caused a widespread
die-off of mussels along Northern California’s Bodega Bay, an open space
preserve and fishing community. Ecologists reported similar die-of scenarios throughout a
140 mil stretch of coastline. Although there was a similar die-off of mussels
in 2004, this appears to be the largest in 15 years….