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News about Climate Change and our Planet


How Climate Change May Influence Deadly Avalanches – Scientific American

Big dumps of powder snow are a precious gift in the best of times around the West, where 40 or 50 feet can fall during a winter, forming frozen mountain water towers that slowly melt and sustain the region through…

Best observing targets for binoculars

What are the best solar system and deep-sky objects to view to get the most out of your binoculars? From moon-encircled worlds to starry knots in the Milky Way, our list makes the sky’s wonders easy to find.


Recent Australian emissions cuts likely to be reversed in recovery from Covid and drought

Most of the reduction in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions last year is likely to be wiped out as transport rebounds after Covid-19 lockdowns and farming recovers from the long-term-drought, according to an audit of national climate data. Scott Morrison told…

The Myth (And Fake Math) Of ‘Green’ Jobs

“Fool me once,” Stephen King wrote, “shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.” His adage certainly applies to the myth (and fake math) of green jobs. During the 2020…

Oregon experiments find that electrical sparks are possible on Mars

(University of Oregon) Friction caused by dry Martian dust particles making contact with each other may produce electrical discharge at the surface and in the planet’s atmosphere, according University of Oregon researchers. However, such sparks are likely to be small and pose little danger to robotic or human missions to the red planet, they report in the journal Icarus.

The issue of governments in business

(World Scientific) Through a discussion of 64 relevant case studies spanning the globe, the book would illustrate how commonplace these challenges are for governments, business operators and the public at large, regardless of state or size of the economy. Examples of collaboration would show the circumstances under which a better outcome for all stakeholders, especially the public, may be possible. Pitfalls to avoid are also identified.

What impact will robots and autonomous systems have on urban ecosystems?

(University of Seville) Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), autonomous cars, robots that can repair urban infrastructure and wireless sensor networks used for monitoring, etc. are just some of the devices that will spring up all over our cities in a few years. They have a wide range of potential applications, such as autonomous transport, waste collection, infrastructure maintenance and repair, surveillance and precision agriculture, among others. However, we must also consider the impact these technologies will have on urban biodiversity and its ecosystems in the future.

Texas flunks climate change test as its energy grid freezes up – CBS News

Four days after a massive snowstorm pummeled Texas, the state is still struggling with an unprecedented and deadly blackout. Nearly 3 million people in the state were without power on Wednesday morning while nuclear facilities, natural-gas plants and wind farms…

Reversing Global Warming: The Glitter Belt Way – Swarajya

The industrialised former colonisers are facing economic competition from the former colonies. The latest in a long series of global movements demands reduction of carbon emissions. This happens to target nations with coal-fired economies and poor people with wood-fired cooking….