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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Activists Slam Biden Administration for Reversing Climate and Equity Guidance on Highway Expansions – InsideClimate News

Environmental justice activists are chastising the Biden administration’s recent decision to rescind federal guidance that urged states to consider climate change and equity when tapping the $110 billion in federal infrastructure money that’s coming their way for roads, bridges and…

Housing solutions are climate solutions – The Seattle Times

I have news for my fellow card-carrying climate advocates in Washington: If you are standing in the way of policies that allow more homes in our cities, it’s time to turn in your environmentalist bona fides.   Seriously. If you’re blocking…

Climate activists protest Germany’s transportation policies – The Associated Press – en Español

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of climate protesters, young and old, gathered Friday in Berlin and other German cities to demand tougher government action against global warming, particularly in curbing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector. A small pro-business party…

The ‘Greens’ Are Coming For All Our Cars, Not Just Gas-Powered

Greens (and Reds) Don’t Like Cars, Period Late last month, Joe Biden was mocked for posting a photo of himself in an electric vehicle (a GMC Hummer) that costs $110,000 and up.  And for touting a $7,500 federal tax credit that…

The Climate Apocalypse Will Be Google Mapped – The New Republic

A weird paradox of modern life is that, although humans struggle to address big problems like climate change, we’re great at making our lives easier. While the planet has warmed steadily every year since 2000, it’s become exponentially simpler, in…

Bus Stops in Scotland Go Green – With Roofs Covered in Plants as a Gift For Honeybees

Dozens of bus stops around the city center of Aberdeen, Scotland, are set for a renovation to turn them into “Bee Bus Stops.” Covered in sedum, a flowering plant also known as stonecrop, they will hopefully encourage biodiversity, keep shelters cooler in summer, and absorb pollutants. Described as “quite miserable places” in December by council […]

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Op-Ed: Climate change efforts won’t work if they exclude people with disabilities – Los Angeles Times

At last month’s United Nations climate negotiations in Egypt, disability activists urged governments to include people with disabilities in their plans to address climate change. In response, the member states adopted an “overarching decision” and a climate action plan that…

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