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EPA lifts ban on pesticide proven to be toxic to honeybees

The U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has re-approved a pesticide for use throughout
the country despite its known toxicity to honey bee populations. The chemical, Sulfoxaflor,
is produced by DowDupont, a major chemical company that contributed US $1
million to President Trump’s campaign. 
Their product is now approved for use on corn, strawberries, citrus,
pumpkins, pineapples and soybeans. Sulfoxaflor was
originally approved for use by the EPA in 2013, but the approval was

Maggots may be a deus ex machina to save us from global warming – National Catholic Reporter

Because of the apocalyptic consequences of global warming, many are hoping for a miracle from God or science to save us from ourselves. Maggots may be part of that miracle, and if they are, it will show scientists can use…

Chinese Citizens Are Protesting The World’s Worst Polluter: China

…Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, is the seventh-largest city in China, with 10 million residents. Sitting on the bank of Yangtze River, it has long served as an important harbor, a commercial and industrial center in central China….