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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Cyclone over Arctic Ocean – August 24, 2019

As illustrated by above map, Arctic heating is accelerating, with temperatures showing up in the Arctic that are up to 4.41°C hotter than the average global temperature during 1880-1920. The image below shows two plots. On the left-hand side is…

NASA: Amazon Wildfire Activity Slightly Below Average This Year

Short summary: We have had wildfires for many years now in the Amazon, even in the tropical rainforest – mainly started by humans for forest clearing and ranching. It is not enough to impact significantly on the Paris agreement pledges…

Obama Buys $14 Million Martha’s Vineyard Mansion – But, But, Sea Level Rise!

The former first couple had been eyeing the soon-to-be-underwater property on what will formally be known as Martha’s Vineyard for a few years. Well, they’ve finally pulled the trigger. The Obama’s are buying a 14-million-dollar beachfront mansion in Martha’s Vineyard….

Climate Activists Erupt After DNC Officials Reject Global Warming Debate

Climate activists associated with the Sunrise Movement shouted down members of the Democratic National Committee after they rejected a proposal to host a single-issue debate on global warming. Several people associated with the group interrupted the DNC meeting, singing the…