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Year’s biggest and brightest supermoon on April 7-8

Watch for the biggest supermoon of the year to shine all night long. It lights up the eastern sky at dusk/nightfall April 7, climbs highest up for the night around midnight and sets in the west around sunrise April 8.

Moon and Gemini stars on April 1

Watch for Gemini’s 2 brightest stars – Castor and Pollux – near tonight’s moon. On the other side of the moon, you’ll see a 3rd bright star. It’s Procyon in the constellation Canis Minor, the Lesser Dog.

Watch for Venus and the Pleiades

The brightest planet Venus – and the lovely Pleiades star cluster, aka the Seven Sisters – meet on the sky’s dome only every 8 years. Last time was in 2012. This week is your chance to see them meet again.

Moon and Venus March 28 and 29

On March 28 and 29 – and even some evenings after that – see the waxing crescent moon and the planet Venus in the evening sky. They’re beautiful! And you can use them to find the constellation Taurus the Bull.