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AI used to test evolution’s oldest mathematical model

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to make new discoveries, and confirm old ones, about one of nature’s best-known mimics, opening up whole new directions of research in evolutionary biology.

You and a ginkgo tree can help scientists study climate change

A ginkgo tree in Tokyo shows off its green summer foliage. (Photo: Blew_s/Shutterstock) Most of us can’t do much to stop climate change, but doing a little is still better than nothing. And along with the many lifestyle changes that…

Gauging trees’ potential to slow global warming – Stanford University News

Like the eponymous character in Shel Silverstein’s classic children’s tale, trees are generous with their gifts, cleaning the air we breathe and slowing the ravages of global warming by absorbing about a quarter of all human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. But…

Stanford-led study gauges trees’ potential to slow global warming in the future

(Stanford University) By analyzing decades of experiments, the researchers mapped the potential of carbon dioxide to increase forest biomass by the end of the century, when atmospheric concentrations of the gas could nearly double. This, in turn, will enable plants and trees to store more carbon.

Yes, your cat really is ignoring you

If you’ve ever suspected that your feline friend isn’t listening to you, you’re mostly right — but only to a point. The studies show the whole truth is a bit more painful. Japanese researchers wanted to know if cats could…

Scientists find vast, ancient galaxies hiding in plain sight

If you don’t want to be found, the universe is a good place to hide. Needle, meet infinite haystack. But as prying Earthling eyes scan the heavens, could entire galaxies remain on the lam? According to research published in the…

A Few Days Of Warm Weather Doesn’t Signal A ‘Climate Emergency’

A few discomforts aside, most Brits will have enjoyed the heatwave. Much of the media commentary, however, seemed to view these precious few days of good weather as a portent of doom. Last week’s sweat-fest featured the highest July temperatures…